I think I have some special circumstances in my family. Are these considered in determining my financial need?


The EFC formula is basically the same for all applicants, but there is some flexibility. Your financial aid administrator can adjust the cost of attendance or the information used to calculate your EFC to take into account your special circumstances. These circumstances could include your family’s unusual medical expenses, tuition expenses or unemployment.
In order for a Special Circumstance document to be approved, the document must be fully completed and supporting documents must be provided to uphold mitigating circumstances. If a student currently has a 0 EFC, this request will not benefit them as they are currently receiving the maximum benefits within their calculated budget and aid. Graduate students generally will not benefit from completing a special circumstance as they are not eligible for Pell Funds.

*This information is located in Funding Education Beyond High School, The Guide to Federal Student Aid 07-08, U.S. Department of Education