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“You are the reason I am here. I love working with students, helping
them find resources to pay for their education, and watching them
grow. God has given me a servant’s heart and the opportunity to make
the difference for students attending Wayland. You will also make a
difference for me. Together, we can Seek Your Dream.”
Mrs. Karen LaQuey

Kathy Gwyn

“I am responsible for all phases of student loan processing, and am available to counsel students on the responsibilities of borrowers when accepting a loan, as well as when they leave school and enter repayment. I enjoy the Christian atmosphere of our workplace, and I hope that the love of Christ can be seen through us here in the Financial Aid office.”

Mrs. Kathy Gwyn
Associate Director / Loan Coordinator

Debbie Burgess

“I was nervous about re-entering the workforce after being a stay-at home Mom for several years. However, God led me to Wayland and I am now beginning my tenth year in the Financial Aid Office. Being a graduate of Texas Woman’s University myself and a proud mother of
two Wayland graduates, I realize the importance of financial aid assistance to help with college costs. I enjoy working with our campuses and students from the far north in Fairbanks, Alaska, to the deep south in San Antonio, Texas.”

Mrs. Debbie Burgess
Financial Aid Specialist/External Campuses



Clorene McDonald

“I have worked for WBU since April of 2000. I feel that this is where God led me when I was looking for a job. The Christian atmosphere here at Wayland and especially in our office is phenomenal. The students are great and when we can see that we have made a difference in their lives it is the most amazing thing. I have always liked working with young adults and feel this is why God opened the door for me to be at Wayland. ”

Mrs. Clorene McDonald
Office Manager

Perri McDonald

“I have been with Wayland since August 2001. I have 15 years experience in the banking field, along with experience as small business owner
and working in retail/sales. I feel that God opened the doors for me to be back in Plainview and at Wayland. I truly enjoy the Christian atmosphere
and students here at Wayland. I’ve always liked helping people, so now I have more opportunities to assist through financial aid and scholarships.”

Mrs. Perri McDonald
Scholarship Coordinator

“I have worked for WBU for more than 10 years in financial aid. I
enjoy working with students and seeing that they can reach their
goal of graduating from WBU.”

Mrs. Patricia Landeros
Senior Financial Aid Specialist

Amber Turner

"I am proud to be a member of the Financial Aid team since December 2012. Having this door opened has been such a blessing.  Coming into the Financial Aid office with no experience, I feel it is not only my duty, but a privilege to assist each student anyway feasible.  I enjoy the Christian atmosphere at Wayland, both personal and professional.  The opportunity to help WBU students achieve their educational goal is special because it is part of God’s plan to see His children grow and develop in the most positive ways."

Amber Coleman
Financial Aid Specialist

Kayla Fore

"I have been very blessed to have the opportunity to work at Wayland Baptist University.  The environment of Wayland is so uplifting and encouraging.  Helping people is a passion of mine, and I get to do it every day in the Financial Aid Office."

Kayla Fore

Financial Aid Loan Specialist




Administrative Assistant

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