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what is financial aid?

Financial aid is any scholarship, grant, or loan awarded at an institution of higher

We, at Wayland Baptist University, understand that tuition cost and financial aid
for college
expenses is a vital factor in choosing where to attend college. Even
more important, however, is the consideration of value received in exchange for
that cost. With our commitment of making quality education affordable through
both donor-sourced college financial aid and federal financial aid, Wayland Baptist University transforms college costs into a profitable educational investment.

Because of the contributions of so many who believe in Christian higher education, the cost of an education at Wayland is among the lowest of any accredited, private university in the South. The allocation to the university's operating fund by the Baptist General Convention of Texas, gifts from alumni, friends and individual churches, as well as a growing endowment, contributes to the university's ability to reduce the cost of attendance. This translates into increased options for student financial aid.

In addition, the aggressive approach of Wayland's Financial Aid Office has resulted in financial assistance for over 95% of our full-time students via scholarship, loan, grant or a combination including other aid. Through institutional, state, and federal programs, Wayland Baptist University makes both merit and need-based assistance available. We believe that lack of immediate funds or financial hardship should not stand in the way of a purposeful university education. Our financial aid counselors are there with you to help figure it out!

WBU has adopted the Code of Conduct established by NAFSAA. For further information see NASFAA's Statement of Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct for Institutional Financial Aid Professionals.

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