Graduation Requirements

Comprehensive Examination/Capstone Course -A comprehensive examination or capstone course covering the student's program of study must be passed prior to receiving a graduate degree. The M.A. in Management and the M.B.A. programs and certain M.Ed. degree programs administer a capstone course. All other graduate degree programs utilize a comprehensive examination. All core courses must be completed prior to taking the comprehensive examination or capstone course.

The comprehensive examination must be taken during the last regular term of study or at the next available testing date after completing graduate coursework. Test dates for the comprehensive examination are available from the graduate advisor or the school dean. The examination must be completed, graded, and passed no fewer than 45 days prior to graduation. It is the student's responsibility to request permission to take and schedule the date for the comprehensive examination.

The specific nature of the examination will be determined by the student's advisor and members of the graduate faculty teaching in the student's field of study. The examination will cover all areas included in the graduate program, including core, specialization, and elective courses. Questions over each area will be developed and the responses evaluated by a faculty member assigned to that area.

The academic school dean will inform both the student and the Graduate Studies Office of the results of the comprehensive examination within two weeks of the examination date. The dean of the respective school may, in consultation with appropriate faculty, elect to conduct either an oral or written follow-up examination over an area in which the student's responses were judged to be unsatisfactory. A student who fails the comprehensive examination may, at the discretion of the school dean in consultation with the provost/academic vice president, be allowed either to retake the examination after thirty days or to complete additional course work and then retake the examination. However, no student will be allowed to repeat an examination more than once without taking additional course work.

Applying for Degrees, Diplomas and Transcripts - Completion of all degree requirements listed in the academic catalog qualifies a student for graduation. To graduate at a designated time, however, the student must apply for the degree prior to established deadlines and pay all graduation fees.

All graduation requirements must be completed before students can participate in graduation exercises. Students who will complete degree requirements during the current term may be allowed to walk only if the provost/academic vice president grants permission. The appearance of a student’s name on the commencement program and the fact that the student attends the commencement exercises is no guarantee that the degree will be conferred.

A student who applies for a degree and pays the graduation fee for a given commencement, but who fails to meet degree requirements, must reapply for graduation and pay a discounted graduation fee. If a deadline is missed, the student must reapply for graduation no sooner than the next scheduled graduation.

Final official transcripts are issued only upon completion of all degree requirements and payment of all outstanding financial obligations to the university. No transcript carrying graduate course credit will be issued to a student whose files are incomplete for failure to submit transcripts or other data required by the university, or whose financial account is not clear. The circumstances under which an external campus student may graduate with Plainview are:

    1. The student has finished the degree requirements, but will miss the ceremony
    because of reassignment.
    2. The student has finished the degree requirements with transfer work and is no
    longer associated with an external campus.
    3. The student has finished the degree, but missed the external campus deadline.

Any student who does not meet the criterion stated above will be approved on an individual basis. The Graduate Studies Office and the registrar must approve all graduate students for graduation.

Letters of Completion - Letters of completion are available only from the Coordinator of Graduate Records. Requests for letters of completion should be made to the Graduate Studies Office.

Career Services - Wayland students on all campuses may request assistance in developing basic job search skills such as interviewing and resume writing by contacting the Office of Placement and Career Planning on the Plainview campus. The office also maintains a job registry to assist students in finding employment.

Commencement Attendance - Candidates completing their work at Wayland Baptist
University are required to attend commencement exercises. All degrees conferred will be posted to the student's permanent record as of the date of the graduation. Appeals to this policy should be made to the provost/academic vice president.


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