Completion of Courses

Incomplete or In-Progress Work
The grade of incomplete (I) is granted only in exceptional circumstances and requires the instructor to file the correct form with the Vice President for Academic Services/Graduate Studies. An outline of the work to be completed and the time span (in no case longer than one regular academic term) allowable for the work's completion must be included in the form. In no case may repetition of the course be assigned as work to be completed. The grade of IP (in progress) will be assigned to a course indicating that at the conclusion of the term the course was still in progress. If the work has not been completed at the end of the specified time, the "I" will be changed to an F. A student will not be cleared for graduation until all incomplete grades have been eliminated.

Petition for a Course Substitution
Under certain circumstances, substitutions for required courses may be necessary and appropriate. The student must have approval from the graduate advisor prior to initiating a course substitution. To initiate a course substitution, the student should complete and sign the course substitution form, which must then be approved by the school dean and Vice President for Academic Services/Graduate Studies. Substitutions for core courses are not allowed. Under certain circumstances, up to six hours of substitutions may be allowed in the M. Ed. core. The Graduate Council must approve such substitutions. The School of Education chair may recommend substitutions for required courses for teacher certification, if allowable under state certification policies. The form to petition for course substitutions is available in the offices of school deans of the Vice President for Academic Services/Graduate Studies.

Repetition of a Course
A graduate student may repeat once any course taken at the University. All grades received will remain on the transcript, but only the second grade will be used to calculate the cumulative GPA.

A course may be repeated for multiple credit toward graduation only when so designated in the catalog course description and approved by the graduate advisor and academic school dean In cases where this regulation is violated, only the last effort will be calculated into the GPA.

Auditing Courses
A student may attend classes for a graduate course without receiving credit if he or she completes a Graduate Application for Admission at the time of registration, provides a copy of the latest official transcript with a degree posted, and has the permission of both the instructor of the course and either the executive director and dean of the campus or the dean of the school in which the course is offered. A fee of one-third tuition in addition to all course fees is required. No credit is awarded and no record of the student's attendance is maintained. A student will not be given permission to audit a course until the first day of classes. Audits are on a space-available basis and no refund will be given if the course is dropped. Under no circumstance may an audit be converted to credit.


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