Theatre Major

Why Theatre?
Instruction in theatre is intended to provide a comprehensive theatre experience through a foundation in theatre history and literature as well as training in acting, directing, design, technical theatre, and stage management. Theatre majors are thus prepared for graduate education and a career in the discipline. The student body at large is afforded the opportunity to experience a wide range of theatre events as audience or participants.

Theatre Requirements
The major in Theatre requires 33 semester hours, of which 15 must be from upper-level courses.

The following courses (33 hours) are required for the Theatre major:
THEA 1101 – Theatre Activities: Sceneries and Properties
THEA 1102 – Theatre Activities: Lighting and Sound
THEA 1103 – Theatre Activities: Costume and Makeup
THEA 2101 – Rehearsal and Production: Acting
THEA 2102 – Rehearsal and Production: Directing
THEA 2103 – Rehearsal and Production: Stage Management
THEA 2307 – Acting I
THEA 3300 – Stage Makeup
THEA 3302 – Scene Design
THEA 3303 – Stage Lighting
THEA 3307 – Acting II
THEA 4305 – Fundamentals of Play Directing
THEA 4306 – Theatre History I
THEA 4307 – Theatre History II
THEA 4361 – Practicum in Theatre