Sociology Major

Why Sociology?
The sociology curriculum focuses on the social system concerned with processes that shape individual communication, world views, and behavior and on the interrelatedness of social groups, social problems and human behavior. A major in sociology prepares students for professional careers in human/social services and for graduate study in the field.

Sociology Requirements
The major with a B.A./B.S. degree requires a minimum of 30 semester hours, of which 27 must be advanced. POLS/PSYC/SOCI – 3411 is recommended for any student planning to go to graduate school in sociology or social work.

The following courses (30 hours) are required for the Sociology major:
*SOCI 1301 – Introduction to Sociology
SOCI 3304 – Social Problems
SOCI 3309 – Human Behavior and Social Environment
SOCI 3320 – Cultural Diversity
SOCI 3322 – Introduction to Social Work
SOCI 4360 – Practicum
Twelve hours of upper-level Sociology elective courses

* Three hours may be included in the general education core curriculum.