Why Social Studies Composite?
The social studies curriculum is designed for students seeking secondary education composite certification in economics, geography, history and political science.

Social Studies Composite Requirements
The composite major with a B.A. degree requires a minimum of 48 semester hours, of which 15 must be upper level . This major is designed to meet teacher certification requirements in the State of Texas for secondary teachers. No minor is required. GEOL 1401 is recommended to fulfill the physical science requirement in the general education core.  ART 1301and MUSI 1303 are strongly recommended to fulfill the fine arts requirement in the general education core.

              The following courses (48 hours) are required for the Social Studies Composite major:

              ECON 2307 – Principles of Macroeconomics
              ECON 2308 – Principles of Microeconomics

              GEOG 1301 – Introduction to Physical Geography

              GEOG 3305 – Human Geography
              GEOG 3318 – Environmental/Geographical History of the US

HIST 1303 – World Civilization to 1500
HIST 1304 – World Civilization Since 1500
*HIST 2301 – United States History to 1877
*HIST 2302 – United States History Since 1877
HIST 3301 – Historical Methods and Philosophy
HIST 4305 – Recent America
Select three hours from the following History courses:

       HIST 3303 - Texas History

       HIST 3308 - History of American Women

       HIST 4300 - Colonial America

       HIST 4301 - The New Nation

       HIST 4302 - The Age of Jefferson and Jackson

Select three hours from the following History courses:
       HIST 3309 – History of the 20th Century World
       HIST 3316 – British Empire

       HIST 3317 - History of Ancient Greece and Rome
*POLS 2301 – Federal and State Government
POLS 2302 – State and Local Government
POLS 3307 – American Constitutional Law

* Nine hours are included in the general education core curriculum.