Why Composite Religion?
In response to current trends among both traditional and non-traditional students to limit ministerial training to the baccalaureate degree, the School of Religion and Philosophy offers the Composite Major to Religion. This major gives the student a very broad background in both religion and religious education. Most students electing the Composite Religion major would become pastors of single staff churches; however, this major helps to equip students to serve in any staff position in churches of all sizes.

Composite Religion Requirements – 51 Semester Hours

The following courses are required for the Composite Religion major:
RLGN 0001 – Theological Research and Writing Lab
*RLGN 1301 – Old Testament History
*RLGN 1302 – New Testament History
RLGN 3309 – Spiritual Formation
RLGN 4302 – Christian Theology
RLGN 4314 – Biblical Interpretation
RLGN 4315 – The Christian Ministry
RLGN 4323 – Basic Christian Ethics
RLGN/RLED 4361 – Supervised Ministry
RLED 1301 – Introduction to Baptist Ministry
RLED 4301 – Survey of Christian Education
RLED 4302 – Church Administration
Select six hours from the following four courses:
RLED 3315 – Preschool and Children's Ministry in the Church
RLED 3319 – Youth Ministry in the Church
RLED 3320 – The Youth Minister
RLED 3325 – Adult Ministry in the Church
Select three hours from the following three courses:
RLGN 4307 – Church History
RLGN 4325 – Historical Theology
RLGN 4330 – Baptist History
Three hours advanced Old or New Testament course
Three hours in historical, theological, philosophical, or practical areas
Three hours in RLED elective

* Six hours are included in the general education core curriculum.