Bivocational Ministry – 36 semester hours

The following courses are required for the Bivocational Ministry specialization:
RLGN 0001 – Theological Research and Writing Lab
*RLGN 1301 – Old Testament History
*RLGN 1302 – New Testament History
RLGN 4302 – Christian Theology
RLGN 4314 – Biblical Interpretation
RLGN 4315 – The Christian Ministry
RLGN 4319 – Preaching
RLGN 4323 – Basic Christian Ethics
RLED 4302 – Church Administration
Select three hours from the following three courses:
     RLGN 4307 – Church History
     RLGN 4325 – Historical Theology
     RLGN 4330 – Baptist History
Three hour advanced Old Testament course
Three hour advanced New Testament course
Three hour RLGN or RLED elective (Students receiving the BGCT scholarship can use RLED 3309 for this requirement.)

* Six hours are included in the general education core curriculum.

In addition to the religion major, the Bivocational Ministry Specialization requires one of the following:

  1. A second major in Business Administration in the BA degree.
  1. A degree in Education (teacher certification) – Although taking a religion major in an education degree would normally be prohibitive in the number of hours required, a bivocational minister might be interested in such a program. Many bivocational ministers typically do not attain seminary degrees. The only theological training received would be at the undergraduate level. One could justify taking the number of hours required for an education degree that includes a religion major by knowledge that a seminary degree would not be sought.
  1. Two minors – The minor in Business plus a second minor in a field that would provide employment opportunities in an area related to ministry (e.g., Mass Communication).
  1. Another possibility for the bivocational student would be to take the Pre-Christian Counseling Track.