Why Physical Science?
Courses offered in the physical sciences area offer a broad, general knowledge in the physical sciences (physics, chemistry, and/or earth science) with sufficient depth and content to meet student academic needs.

Physical Science Requirements
The major requires 32 hours, of which 16 hours are upper level.

The following courses (32 hours) are required for the Physical Science major:
CHEM 1402 – General Chemistry II
EASC 1401 – Earth Science I
*MATH 1306 – Elementary Statistics
Select eight hours (1 set) from the following two groups of courses:
     PHYS 1401 – General Physics I
     PHYS 1402 – General Physics II
     PHYS 2401 – University Physics I
     PHYS 2402 – University Physics II
16 hours of upper-level courses in earth science or chemistry

* Math 1306 – Elementary Statistics is a requirement for all math and science majors. It may be used to fulfill the additional three hours math requirement in the general education core of the B.S. degree.