philosophy minor


Philosophy - (18 hours) - This minor does not qualify for BGCT ministerial financial assistance.

RLGN 0001 - Theological Research and Writing Lab
PHIL 1301 - Introduction to Philosophy fifteen hours of PHIL electives

Philosophy Courses

(18 Hours)

PHIL 1301. Introduction to Philosophy - The history, methods, and basic problems of philosophy.

PHIL 3304. Western Political Thought (HIST/POLS 3304) - Selected study of major political philosophers and their ideas that have influenced the West’s understanding of important political concepts on human nature, the state, and civil society. Prerequisite: POLS 2301.

PHIL 4303. Philosophy of Religion (RLGN 4303) - Philosophical thinking about religion with emphasis on the Judeo-Christian tradition. Major attention is given to the nature of religious experience, the nature and existence of God, the problem of evil and suffering, religious epistemology, human destiny, and the relation of science and religion. Prerequisites: RLGN 1301 and 1302.

PHIL 4310. World Religions (RLGN 4310) - Introduction to the thought of major religions of the world. Prerequisites: RLGN 1301 and 1302.

PHIL 4314. Biblical Interpretation (RLGN 4314) - The science of biblical exegesis and interpretation. Prerequisites: RLGN 1301 and 1302.

PHIL 4319. Ethics - Introduction to the classical and biblical theories of ethics with their application to moral and social problems. Prerequisites: RLGN 1301 and 1302.

PHIL 4322. American Political Thought (HIST/POLS 4322) - American political thought from colonial times to the present. Prerequisite: POLS 2301.

PHIL 4323. Basic Christian Ethics (RLGN 4323) - Introduction to principles of Christian ethics with their application to problems of contemporary society. Prerequisites: RLGN 1301 and 1302.