intercultural missions


Why Intercultural Missions

Students majoring in Intercultural Missions feel a God-given call to both proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ and to be the presence of Christ among the hurting peoples of the world.  Believing that all of us can learn from the mission work and experiences of those in the Bible and missions history, a major in intercultural missions prepares students for work in many contexts of the world’s populations.  At Wayland Baptist University we take seriously the commission of Jesus Christ to make disciples of all peoples.


Careers in Intercultural Missions

  1.  Career missionary
  2.  Bible translator
  3.  Anthropologist
  4.  Minister of Missions in a local church
  5.  Short-term mission teams facilitator


When coupled with a minor in the selected field, additional career options become available:

  1. Sociology—social worker
  2. Art—missions media specialist
  3. Music—music missionary
  4. English—teacher of ESL in a mission context
  5. Education—teacher in many places of the world
  6. Business—businessman or businesswoman in a restricted access country



Requirements for Intercultural Missions Major (39 semester hours) *Six hours are part of the general education

RLGN 0001 - Theological Research and Writing Lab
*RLGN 1301 - Old Testament History
*RLGN 1302 - New Testament History
RLGN 3309 - Spiritual Formation
RLGN 3331 - Anthropology for Christian Missions
RLGN 4302 - Christian Theology
RLGN 4312 - Contemporary Christian Missions
RLGN 4314 - Biblical Interpretation
three hours from:
RLED 4301 - Survey of Christian Education
RLED 4302 - Church Administration
three hours from:
RLGN 4307 - Church History
RLGN 4325 - Historical Theology
RLGN 4330 - Baptist History
RLGN 4349 - History of Christian Missions
three hours from:
RLGN 4332 - Cross Cultural Communication of the Gospel
RLGN 4333 - Cross Cultural Leadership
three hours from:
RLGN 4310 - World Religions
RLGN 4311 - New Religious Movements
three hours advanced Old Testament
three hours advanced New Testament
A student who enrolls in the intercultural missions major must participate in at least one
cross-cultural mission immersion trip through the Wayland Mission Center