Language Arts Requirements

Middle School Certification - Interdisciplinary Studies - Language Arts
(grades 4-8) - Students must pass the state content area (language arts test 4-8) test prior to student teaching. 30 semester hours with *9 hours from the general education core.
*ENGL 1301 - Composition and Rhetoric
*ENGL 1302 - Composition and Reading
*ENGL 2301 - English Literature
ENGL 2302 - American Literature
ENGL 2303 - World Literature
ENGL 4314 - Contemporary Usage
ENGL 4306 - Introduction to Linguistics
EDLI/ENGL 4309 - Young Adult Literature
EDLI/ENGL 4345 - Teaching English as a Second Language
EDLI 4347 - Teaching Language Arts in the Elementary and Middle School

Professional Education – Middle School Certification
In addition to the general education core and preparation in the teaching field, all certification programs require a professional education sequence. The professional education sequence provides students with knowledge of the learner, the
teaching-learning process, and effective teaching and classroom management strategies. It also provides a structured program of field experiences, beginning with classroom observation and ending with student teaching. Students must have taken and passed the basic skills test upon completion of EDUC 3301 - Principles and Practices in
Education and before taking further professional education courses. The following
courses constitute the professional education sequence required for middle school certification (grades 4-8). Students must pass the respective state content test prior to student teaching:

The following courses constitute the professional education sequence:
EDUC 2301 - Introduction to Teaching
EDUC 3301 - Principles and Practices in Education
EDUC 3302 - Instructional Strategies and Practices
EDUC 3313 - Educating Students from Diverse Backgrounds
EDUC 4313 - Classroom Management
EDUC 4318 - Becoming a Teacher
EDLI 4325 - Developing Reading, Study, and Thinking Skills at the Secondary Level
three hours from:
EDLI 4328 - Language Acquisition
EDSP 2304 - Introduction to Special Education
#EDUC 4662 - Middle School Student Teaching
# During student teaching it is a requirement that the student take the state test for
Pedagogy and Professional Responsibility (EC-12 PPR).