Department of Mathematics

The major is specifically for teacher education and requires 36 semester hours, of which 24 hours must be upper-level. Students must pass the state content area mathematics (grades 7-12) test prior to student teaching.

Mathematics Requirements

MATH 1305 -- Trigonometry

MATH 1306 -- Elementary Statistics

MATH 2306 -- Calculus I

MATH 2307 -- Calculus II

MATH 3300 -- Calculus III

MATH 3302 -- Linear Algebra

MATH 3305 -- Math for Secondary School Teachers I

MATH 3306 -- Modern Geometry

MATH 3307 -- Mathematical Reasoning and Proof

MATH 3310 -- Math for Secondary School Teachers II
Six hours from:

MATH 3309 -- Probability

MATH 4302 -- Differential Equations

MATH 4304 -- Abstract Algebra

MATH 4305 -- Intermediate Analysis

MATH 4310 -- Numerical Analysis

Additional requirements:

MSCI 3101  -- Faith and Science

Professional Education - High School Certification - In addition to the general education core and preparation in the teaching field, all high school certification programs require a professional education sequence. The professional education sequence provides students with knowledge of the leaner, the teaching-learning process, effective teaching and classroom management strategies, and reading in the various content areas. It also provides a structured program of field experiences beginning with classroom observation and ending with student teaching. Students must have taken and passed the basic skills test upon completion of EDUC 3301 and before taking further professional education courses.

    EDUC 2301 -- Introduction to Teaching

    EDUC 2307 -- Child and Adolescent Development

    EDUC 3301 -- Principles and Practices in Education

    EDUC 3302 -- Instructional Strategies and Practices

    EDUC 3313 -- Educating Students from Diverse Backgrounds

    EDCU 4313 -- Classroom Management

    EDCU 4318 -- Becoming a Teacher

    EDCU 4328 -- Curriculum and Assessment for Secondary School

    EDUC 4663 -- Secondary Student Teaching

    EDLI 4325 -- Developing Reading, Study, and Thinking Skills at the Secondary Level

    Three hours from:

    EDLI/ENGL 4345 -- Teaching English as a Second Language

    EDLI 4328 -- Second Language Acquisition

    EDSP 2304 -- Introduction to Special Education