Pre-Seminary Track for the Master of Divinity Degree
The basic degree for ministers is the Master of Divinity. This degree is a three-year program that requires 87 to 98 hours of graduate and professional courses. All students planning to take the Master of Divinity Degree should take a Major in Religion with Greek as the foreign language. Wayland has standing agreements with selected Baptist seminaries that permit its students to qualify for advanced standing in Master of Divinity Degree programs. This lowers Master of Divinity requirements at these seminaries from 87 to 98 hours to as few as 72 hours. In addition, advanced standing degrees permit Religion majors to waive seminary survey classes and go on to advanced courses. To qualify for these advanced standing Master of Divinity Degrees, students must take a major in Religion or Religious Education and choose Greek as their foreign language. Students must earn a grade of “B” in core courses and maintain an overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.75.

Pre-Seminary Track for Master of Religious Education Degree
Because of an agreement between selected Baptist seminaries and Wayland, a student can receive credit for up to 14 hours of seminary course work by meeting the requirements established by the School of Religion and Philosophy.