The professional schooling for medical and dental students is four years in duration and begins following four years of preparatory work, including the B.S. degree. Most medical and dental schools prefer students with a broadly based academic background and a strong emphasis in the physical and biological sciences and mathematics. Students must maintain a competitive overall GPA. Students are advised to take the MCAT/DAT exam in April of their junior year.

The TTHP Guide to Health Professions recommends the following math and science courses for students seeking admission to medical schools in Texas:

BIOL 1401 – General Biology I
BIOL 1402 – General Biology II
Including additional background courses from:
BIOL 3402 – Genetics
BIOL 3403 – Developmental Biology
BIOL 3408 – Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL 3409 – Human Anatomy and Physiology II
BIOL 3410 – Microbiology
BIOL 4404 – Parasitology
BIOL 4408 – Cell and Molecular Biology
CHEM 1401 – General Chemistry I
CHEM 1402 – General Chemistry II
CHEM 3403 – Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 3404 – Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 4402 – Biochemistry I
CHEM 4403 – Biochemistry II
MATH 1304 – College Algebra
MATH 1305 – Trigonometry
MATH 2306 – Calculus I
PHYS 1401 – General Physics I
PHYS 1402 – General Physics II