• Pre-Engineering

    PRE ENGINEERING or Computer Science Minor - Dual Degree with Texas Tech University
    For Christian colleges across the country, Wayland Baptist University offers a wide variety of undergraduate degree programs and although they may not be able to accommodate some of the educational training as larger universities, Wayland has created dual degree and enrollment programs with other colleges to assist in their Pre Professional programs.

    Wayland has implemented a dual degree program with Texas Tech in the areas of engineering and computer science. In essence, a student spends three years at Wayland taking mathematics, science, and core requirements. Along with some summer work, the final two years are spent at Texas Tech taking engineering/computer science classes. Enough hours from Texas Tech are transferred to Wayland to allow a student to obtain both a Bachelor of Science in mathematics (with a minor in engineering or computer sciences from Wayland) and a B.S. in a specific field of engineering (civil, electrical, etc.) or computer science from Texas Tech. Engineering is a five-year course of study and this cooperative program gives an attractive way to receive two degrees while completing most core and mathematics courses in a small college setting.  Because this is a dual degree program, the degree from Wayland and Texas Tech must be completed in the same year and term.

    Courses to be Completed at Wayland (with a 2.0 grade point average or better) - CHEM 1401, 1402; any four hour life science (BIOL);COSC 2311; ENGL 1301, 1302, 2303, three hours from ENGL 2301 and 2302; HIST 2301 and 2302; MATH 1306, 2306, 2307, 3300, 3302, 3303, 3304, 4302, and approved upper-level mathematics elective (three hours); EXSS Activity 1112 in addition to two activity courses; University Physics: PHYS 2401, 2402 (May be taken at Wayland or TTU); POLS 2301; three hours from PSYC 1301, SOCI 1301, or PHIL any three hours (to meet core required courses); RLGN 1301, 1302; SPCH 1301; and three hours from THEA 1303, MUSI 1303, ART 1301, or any ART studio course.

    Recommended - 6-12 hours German or Spanish with six hours sophomore level
    in one language. If language is not chosen, a student MUST take two upper-level
    courses in Social Sciences or Humanities OR a two-course sequence in lower-division
    courses in these areas.

    Courses to be Completed at Texas Tech University - Choose from either engineering
    or computer science.

    Engineering - Six hours of sophomore engineering courses are taken in the summer
    at TTU during the time courses are being taken at Wayland (usually between the
    sophomore and junior years); Professional engineering courses include approximately
    54 hours.

    Computer Science - Approximately 48 hours of computer science courses, and
    six hours of electrical engineering courses. Eight hours of laboratory science, (university
    physics or chemistry) may be taken at Wayland or TTU.