SOCI 1301. Introduction to Sociology - Nature and scope of sociology, its terminology and concepts.

SOCI 3303. Urban Sociology (JUAD 3303) - The city as a social phenomenon in the modern world; analysis of urban-rural trends, characteristics, functions, ecology, and social organization.

SOCI 3304. Social Problems (JUAD 3304) - Social problems including causes, interrelationships, and programs of amelioration. Prerequisite: None; however, SOCI 1301 is recommended.

SOCI 3309. Human Behavior and Social Environment - Individual development and the impact of the larger environment on the individual.

SOCI 3310. Criminology (JUAD 3310) - Theories, causes, characteristics, types of crime, and social functions of crime in our society.

SOCI 3312. Law and Society (JUAD 3312) - Survey of the history and development of law from primitive times until the present; and ways in which society shapes laws and how law shapes society.

SOCI 3313. Educating Students from Diverse Populations - Understanding students with diverse backgrounds and problems; impact of culture, ethnicity, gender, exceptionality, religion, language, and age on learning.

SOCI 3314. Rural Society - The social organization and social change in rural communities from sociological and social work perspectives.

SOCI 3317. Rape: Perspectives on Sexual Assault (JUAD/PSYC 3317) - Description, understanding, and investigation of sexual assaults; preventative techniques to avoid and deter would-be rapists and sexual assaulters.

SOCI 3318. Ethics for Behavioral and Social Sciences (JUAD/PSYC 3318) - A study of the various codes of ethics for the helping professions and law enforcement practitioners.

SOCI 3319. Environmental Sociology - sociological analysis of environmental problems, solutions, and their impacts on people and populations. Prerequisite: none however, SOCI 1301 is recommended.

SOCI 3320. Cultural Diversity (JUAD 3320) - A comparative analysis of the diverse cultural groups in the United States and their changing sociological, economical and political status.

SOCI 3321. Marriage and the Family (JUAD/PSYC 3321) - Examination of the family as a social institution; comparative analysis of kinship systems; and recent changes in American family structure.

SOCI 3322. Introduction to Social Work (JUAD 3322) - Perspectives, working concepts, goals of social work practice, examination of casework, group-work, and community work.

SOCI 3411. Research Methods and Data Analysis (POLS/PSYC 3411) - Laboratory course designed to introduce the ethics, types, and designs of research projects and to apply and extend knowledge of the methods of collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting research data.

SOCI 4307. Deviance (JUAD 4307) - Analysis of cultural norms and values; causes and results of departure from those norms.

SOCI 4309. Juvenile Delinquency (JUAD 4309) - Nature and extent of delinquency, competing explanatory methods and theories, evaluation and prevention, control and treatment programs.

SOCI 4310. Social Psychology (PSYC 4310) - Individual experience and behavior in social situations with an emphasis on experimental procedures for determining the nature of interpersonal relationships. Prerequisite: PSYC 1301 or consent of instructor.

SOCI 4313. Theories of Sociology - The range of different theoretical perspectives that influences the development of modern sociology.

SOCI 4316. Topics in Sociology - Selected issues/topics in sociology.

SOCI 4321. Sociology of Aging - examination of the various processes of aging through everyday life and society

SOCI 4330. Case Management - Identification and development of professional skills critical to case management. Prerequisites: SOCI 3304, SOCI 3322.

SOCI 4360. Practicum - Supervised field experience in community agencies with an emphasis on integration of theory and practice.