PUAD 5300. Criminal Law/Civil Law: A Comparative Analysis - An in-depth investigation and comparative study of criminal and civil law including their respective history and development, substantive and procedural differences, remedies, and distinctive characteristics.

PUAD 5302. International Legal systems: A Comparative Study - Comparative analysis of international justice systems; the role of these justice agencies as part of societal response to crime; the knowledge base of justice systems; issues, problems, and trends.

PUAD 5303. Public Administration - in-depth study in such areas as historical development; leaders and leading public organizations; scholarly writings; context, nature, core functions, and structure of public administration; public policy-making, analysis and implementation;
managing public organizations; role and effect of politics, regulation, and administrative law on public administration; and public administration’s future challenges.

PUAD 5306. Administrative Law - An overview of administrative law topics such as legislative, executive, and judicial control of administrative actions, public and private access to information, the administrative hearing process, and other due process concerns.

PUAD 5307. Emergency Management - introduction to policies and management practices intended to prepare for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate the damage done by natural disasters, hazards, industrial accidents and terrorist attacks in the United States.


PUAD 5310. Survey of Homeland Security - examination of such issues as the role and bureaucracy of the Department of Homeland Security; relationship and influences of domestic and international terrorism on shaping homeland security policy and procedures; weapons of
mass destruction; and civil liberties in the post 9/11 world.


PUAD 5311. Understanding Terrorism and Its History - a study of the history and nature of domestic and international terrorism; special emphasis will be given to on understanding the motivation of international terrorist organizations and their missions and goals.


PUAD 5312. Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism - A study of the history and severity of the threat posed by Weapons of Mass Destruction; how new forms of terrorism and wmd's affect the post -9/11 security environment.

PUAD 5313. Applied Alternative Dispute Resolution - advance level workshops directed toward applying the various ADR methods, including negotiation, mediation, and arbitration, in the resolution of different types of conflicts and disagreements. Prerequisite: JUAD 4313 recommended or instructor's consent.

PUAD 5314. Law Enforcement Administration - Focus on the law enforcement agency from the standpoint of top and middle management, including but not limited to labor relations, personnel management, fiscal administration, and the integration of internal and external operations.


PUAD 5315. Special Topics in Homeland Security - In -depth exploration, analysis, and assessment of contemporary topics of special concern to homeland security.

PUAD 5316. Special Topics in Justice Administration - In-depth exploration, analysis, and assessment of contemporary topics of special concern to the administration of criminal/juvenile justice systems.

PUAD 5317. Special topics in Government Administration - Seminar on important topics not ordinarily covered in other courses; offered in response to special departmental interests of faculty and students; may be taken twice if topics are different.

PUAD 5318. Current Issues in Public Administration - advance level workshops directed toward identifying and analyzing current public policy issues.

PUAD 5320. Cultural Diversity - A comparative analysis and critical thinking about the changing sociological, economical and political status of the diverse cultural groups in the United States and globally.

PUAD 5340. Public Administration Capstone - an integrated review of the core courses (Ethics, Legal Environment, Public Finance, and Public Administration), combining and applying their principles with public policy process and analysis principles to propose public policy solutions to public administration issues.