POLS 2301. American Government - survey of the American national government including such topics as the U.S. Constitution, institutional structures and processes, political parties, elections, civil liberties, and civil rights

POLS 2302. State and Local Government - Survey course of state and local government: political and constitutional system, the major political institutions and policymaking and implementation process, policy issues, and the electoral system.

POLS 2305. Political Development in Kenya - Introduction to political science from a Kenyan perspective, the meaning of politics, constitutional politics, the formal and informal political institutions, the state-society, relations, and foreign policy decision-making. This course is available only at the Kenya campus.

POLS 3302. Political Parties and Elections - The American party system, its organizational aspects, methods of operation, and impact at the federal, state, and local levels; and the process of nominations and elections. Prerequisite: POLS 2301.

POLS 3303. Public Administration - Theory and practice involved in the administrative sector of government. Prerequisite: POLS 2301.

POLS 3304. Western Political Thought (HIST/PHIL 3304) - Selected study of major political philosophers and their ideas that have influenced the West’s understanding of important political concepts on human nature, the state, and civil society. Prerequisite: POLS 2301.

POLS 3307. American Constitutional Law - Origin and evolving interpretation of the American Constitution based on decisions of the Supreme Court. Prerequisite: POLS 2301.

POLS 3310. United States Diplomatic History (HIST 3310) - American foreign relations and diplomacy from the colonial period to the present. Prerequisites: HIST 2301, 2302, and POLS 2301; or consent of instructor.

POLS 3312. Comparative Politics (HIST 3312) - A cross-cultural study of variations in history, political institutions, and processes among selected nations, including political participation, leadership selection, governmental institutions, and policy development. Prerequisite: POLS 2301.

POLS 3316. Topics in Political Science - selected issues/topics in political science or political theory.

POLS 3411. Research Methods and Data Analysis (PSYC/SOCI 3411) - Laboratory course designed to introduce the ethics, types, and designs of research projects and to apply and extend knowledge of the methods of collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting research data.

POLS 4302. International Relations - Relations among nations with emphasis on national power, American foreign policy, diplomacy, international law, and international organization. Prerequisite: POLS 2301.

POLS 4304. The Presidency - A study of the office, politics, processes, and responsibilities of the President of the United States, electoral college, the Executive Office of the President, the Vice Presidency, the cabinet, and the President's relations with other branches of government. Prerequisite: POLS 2301.

POLS 4308. Congress and Legislative Processes - A study of the institution, politics, and processes of the United States Congress; evolution of the modern Congress; elections; Congressional leadership; committee structure, legislative/executive relationships, legislative/interest group relationships; and public policy development. Prerequisite: POLS 2301.

POLS 4322. American Political Thought (HIST/PHIL 4322) - American political thought from colonial times to the present. Prerequisite: POLS 2301.