GEOG 1301. Introduction to Physical Geography - Study of the physical world including
the characteristics, processes of formation, distribution, and interrelationships of land and
water, climate, vegetation, and soils.

GEOG 1302. World and Regional Geography - An introductory regional study focused on
population distribution and land use as well as ethnic, linguistic, and religious differences
among the regions of the world. Prerequisite: GEOG 1301 or instructor's consent.

GEOG 3305. Human Geography - Introduction to human geography including demographic
change, migration, cultural diffusion, ethnic patterns, political and economic systems, with
emphasis on international topics. Prerequisite: GEOG 1301 or 1302, or instructor's consent.

GEOG 3318. Environmental/Geographical History of the U.S. (HIST 3318) - The changing
ways our society has defined, interpreted, valued, and used nature; the varying social, political
and economic agendas that have defined society’s relationship with its natural surroundings;
survey of the settlement patterns of the U.S., with special emphasis on Texas.