Dr. Richard Shaw


Dr. Rick Shaw

Dr. Richard Shaw
Associate Professor of Religion and Mission
Director of Kenya Program

Ben and Bertha Meith International Commission Endowed Professorship

1900 West 7th St, CMB 1207
Plainview, Texas 79072

(806) 291-3409     Fax (806) 291-1969

Office: Flores Bible Building 104

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B.S., Baylor University, 1984; B.A., Baylor University, 1985; study, Regent University, 1998; study, Universiteti i Shqipërisë - Tiranë, Albania, 1996-1997; M.M., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1988; Ph.D., Asbury Theological Seminary, 2007.

What’s your favorite book of the Bible and why?

My favorite book of the Bible is Ruth, because in a dramatic narrative it portrays our story, and God’s redeeming love for us.  The metaphors, motifs, and imagery, as well as the depth of human emotion enrapture me.

When I’m not in the Flores Bible Building, I love to . . .

When I’m not in the Flores Bible Building, I love to be with my family, to participate in triathlons, to read, to write, and to travel.

What person in history do you wish you could sit down with for a conversation?

I would love to sit down and have a conversation with Patrick of Ireland.  One of the most creative, intuitive, and profound missionaries in all of Christian history, his life experiences always cause me to reminisce and reflect.

What animal best describes you?

The animal that most describes me is Tigger.

Why are you glad to be part of the Wayland family?

I am glad to be part of the Wayland family because God has confirmed many times my ministry here, because students fill me with energy and drive, and because our administration and trustees believe in what I am doing here.

Personal Story

My personal pilgrimage of faith has led me on mission, beginning in my home state of New Mexico and with my heritage of Native American, Hispanic, and Anglo blood; continuing in the river ministry of Texas; ministering among urban dwellers in Newport News and Hampton, Virginia; working with middle-class youth and children in the bedroom community of Gloucester, Virginia; touching lives in the slums of Mexico City; and for the past twelve years, caring for, evangelizing, advocating for, and serving the peoples of the Balkans—primarily Albanians in Albania, Kosova, Macedonia, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, Serbia, Bosnia, and the United States of America.

My educational work in the PhD program at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky, has helped me understand a different, though theologically and missiologically congruent, tradition—Arminianism.  This work and the faculty of Asbury have helped me understand the depth and fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the breadth of Christianity, the treasure of our Baptist identity, and the role each of us plays, and we play together, in the missio Dei.


My relationships with Muslim peoples, primarily those of Albanian, Bosnian, Romany, and Turkish ethnicity, have helped shaped who I am today, and have intensified my passion to share the grace, light, and power of Jesus Christ among those who follow Muhammad and Ali, and worship Allah.


I am not an expert in any field.  However, I experience great joy in teaching that that I do know.  My personal relationship with Jesus Christ, my missionary calling from the Triune God, and my love for a struggling and suffering humanity, are what compel me to do what I do.

My greatest goal is to help students learn to love missions—to understand God’s call and to live it out.  I am always available to help students along this journey.