Wayland Baptist University provides a $400.00 per semester scholarship for the Plainview campus and a $150.00 per term on external campuses, for ministers and/or a dependent of a minister who belongs to a recognized Christian denomination other than Baptist. Both scholarships are limited to full time undergraduate students for the fall and spring terms for the Plainview campus and the fall, winter, spring terms for all External Campuses. Full time status is 12 hours on the Plainview campus and 9 hours on the external campuses. Students may not apply an award for a pre-approved term to a summer term. To establish eligibility, the student must complete an application and furnish the School of Religion and Philosophy office with a letter from an official of the minister's church verifying the minister's active service. The deadline for receipt of the verification letter is one month prior to registration for the term for which aid is desired. The Scholarship is awarded for one year and the student must reapply annually in the fall to maintain award eligibility


Minister and Dependent of other Denomination Scholarship

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