Catalog Number Title Sp 12 Fa 12 Sp 13 Fa 13 Sp 14 Fa 14 Sp 15 Fa 15 Sp 16 Fa 16 Sp 17
RLGN 0001 Theo. Research and Writing Lab X X X X X X X X X X X
RLGN 1301 Old Testament History X X X X X X X X X X X
RLGN 1302 New Testament History X X X X X X X X X X X
RLGN 1320 Introduction to Christian Missions   X       X       X  
RLGN & RLED 3309 Spiritual Formation X   X   X   X   X   X
RLGN 3331 Anthropology for Christian Missions                      
RLGN & RLED 3335 Understanding Christian Marriage     X                
RLGN 4302  Christian Theology X   X   X   X   X   X
RLGN & PHIL 4303 Philosophy of Religion X       X       X    
RLGN 4304  Old Testament Theology                      
RLGN 4305  New Testament Theology                      
RLGN 4306 The Intertestamental Period                      
RLGN 4307 Church History       X              
RLGN & RLED 4308  Evangelism       X              
RLGN & PHIL 4310 World Religions X                    
RLGN 4311 New Religious Movements     X                
RLGN & RLED 4312 Cont. Christian Missions X                    
RLGN 4313 * Issues in Cont. Theology                      
RLGN & PHIL 4314 Biblical Interpretation   X   X   X   X   X  
RLGN & RLED 4315 The Christian Ministry   X   X   X   X   X  
RLGN 4316 Pentateuch & Former Prophets X           X        
RLGN 4317 Latter Prophets     X           X    
RLGN 4318 The Writings                      
RLGN 4319 Preaching     X       X        
RLGN 4320 Jesus and the Gospels   X           X      
RLGN & RLED 4321 Psychology of Religion     X                
RLGN 4322 Life & Letters of Paul       X              
RLGN & PHIL 4323 Basic Christian Ethics   X                  
RLGN 4324 General Epistles & Revelation           X          
RLGN 4325 Historical Theology   X       X       X  
RLGN 4326 The Ministry of the Holy Spirit                      
RLGN 4327 Christian Worship                      
RLGN 4330 Baptist History       X       X      
RLGN 4331 Topics in Religion                      
RLGN 4332 Cross-Cultural Communication                      
RLGN 4333 Cross-Cultural Leadership       X       X      
RLGN & RLED 4349 History of Christian Missions     X                
RLGN 4351 Cont. Missions in Eastern Africa                      
RLGN & RLED 4360 Practicum                      
RLGN & RLED 4361 Supervised Ministry X X X X X X X X X X X