Bachelor of Science in
Nursing Degree


Major: LVN to BSN
(San Antonio - On Campus Only)


Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is the degree that the student will pursue under this program; and LVN to BSN is the major under this degree. The LVN to BSN major is designed for those students who already have a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) nursing license. Students who currently have an active, verified LVN license are granted 22-hours of credit toward their LVN license.

At the completion of the program, the student will earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and he/she will be prepared to test for his/her RN license.

This program is not designed for those students who are only seeking to obtain an LVN license. Students must already have a LVN license to pursue this program.

The nursing side of the program is 18-months long (six terms).  There is a one term break after the second  term in the program and it is included within the 18-months.

Students complete  lecture on-campus and Clinicals are done at various hospitals in the San Antonio area.

Classes begin twice a year, in the Fall (August) and Spring (February) terms.

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