Contact person: Dr. Richard Fountain

WBU Piano Audition requirements – revised Fall 2015

Students auditioning for piano study at Wayland should prepare two pieces of contrasting styles for their audition. The pieces should be similar in difficulty to the UIL Prescribed Music List, levels 1 and 2.

Sample repertoire is given below:

One Bach Prelude and Fugue and a movement from a Classical sonata

One Chopin Nocturne and two contrasting movements from a Bach Suite or Partita

The Bartok Rumanian Folk Dances and a Mendelssohn Song without Words

Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the faculty, based on the student’s potential for success at the collegiate level.


Eight Little Preludes and Fugues J.S. Bach
An organ chorale from the Liturgical year J.S. Bach