AUDITION process

What is the audition process?

  • Interested students should schedule an audition by contacting

      Mrs. Gail Williams, Director of Recruiting & Special Projects, at 806-291-1074

Email Gail Williams

Information concerning audition repertoire available at the following:

                  Wind and Brass

  • Music prepared for public school state Solo and Ensemble competition or All-State contest is appropriate.

Where and when are the auditions conducted?
It is preferred that new and transfer students audition on campus on the dates scheduled. In some rare instances, a video tape or DVD may be submitted. 
2016-2017 Scheduled Audition Dates:

  • November 11 & 12 – Gold Rush Preview Day & Auditions
  • February 24 & 25 – School of Music Audition
  • March 24 & 25 – Big Weekend Preview Day & Auditions
  • Other times by arrangement if student cannot attend scheduled auditions

Special Information for those applying to major or minor in music:  All students desiring acceptance and admission into the Department of Music degree program as a major or a minor must meet the following requirements:

  • Successful admission into Wayland Baptist University.
  • Completion of an audition revealing the possession of sufficient skills in one’s musical performance medium to be successful in university music study.
  • Students may receive Probationary Acceptance.  In this case, all requirements must be successfully completed no later than the end of the second semester of study in order to earn Full Acceptance into the music program as a major or minor. 

How do I apply for a music scholarship?

Scholarship Assistance Available:

    • Institutional and Endowed
    • All State
    • Music Major
    • Music Minor
    • Participation
  • BGCT - The Baptist General Convention of Texas offers a $50.00 per semester hour tuition waiver to eligible students preparing for church-related vocations. Contact Wayland's School of Religion and Philosophy at (806) 291-1160 for more information or go to BGCT Ministerial Financial Assistance Scholarship Application
  • ADDITIONAL ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIPS - For students interested in applying for additional academic scholarships, please contact the  Wayland Admissions Office at (806) 291-3500

NOTE: All awards are given for one year (two long semesters) on the basis of eligibility. All scholarships are awarded through an audition process.

Who is eligible for music awards?

  • New students (freshmen and transfer) who have been officially admitted to Wayland Baptist University, admitted to music study, and awarded a scholarship through the official audition process.
  • Returning music students in good academic standing.
  • Participants in major ensembles who have been awarded a scholarship through the official audition process.

For more information contact:

Mrs. Gail Williams
Director of Recruiting & Special Projects
Schools of Music and Fine Arts
1900 W. 7th St., CMB #1286
Plainview, Texas 79072
Phone: (806) 291-1074
Fax (806) 291-1967
Email Gail Williams


A proud member of the Texas Association of Schools of Music, the School of Music at Wayland Baptist University adopted the following Code of Ethics on March 27, 2000:

Recognizing the importance of and the desire to maintain music's integral role in the structure of higher education, we declare as our purpose the improvement of the musical and ethical standards of the Texas schools and departments of music.

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following code of ethics be adopted and practiced so that consistency and mutual understanding may prevail among the member schools.


The member school shall not solicit students enrolled in other college or university schools or departments of music (This does not apply to solicitation of students in their second year of study in two-year colleges).


The member school shall adhere strictly to the published catalog requirements.


A transferring student who has not completed a degree program may apply for and be eligible to receive financial aid administered by the music unit during the first term of enrollment in the new institution only if the music executive of the school from which the student is transferring gives written approval. Two-year college transfers are exempt from this regulation after completing a two-year program of study or that portion of a parallel university curriculum offered at the two-year college.


The membership recognizes that a student is a "free agent" until enrolled at an institution. However, the acceptance of financial aid from the music unit of an institution imposes an obligation upon a student to attend that institution. This obligation may be realized by the individual by requesting that they complete a written declaration of their intent to attend that institution. It is recommended that the following format be incorporated in making any offer of financial aid.

"In accepting this offer of financial aid from Wayland, I understand that there is a mutual commitment on the part of myself and the institution. Therefore, I understand it is my responsibility to notify Wayland if I accept any other offers prior to May 1 of the calendar year of matriculation. Further, I understand that after May 1, unless I notify Wayland, otherwise, my acceptance of this offer will be binding and I will not consider any other offer from an institutional member of the Texas Association of Music Schools for the academic year 2015-16 except with the express written consent of the music executive of Wayland Baptist University."*

*Adapted from the National Association of Schools of Music Code of Ethics

 The School of Music at Wayland Baptist University is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music