Math and Science scholarships

Scholarship Applications

If you are a high school student planning to attend Wayland during the upcoming year, the High School applications are open year-round. We reserve a few awards for incoming freshmen. There are two applications, one for mathematics and one for the sciences.


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List of Endowed Scholarships

Below is a selected list of our Endowed Scholarships. If you are interested in contributing to any of these scholarships, please contact the Wayland Office of Advancement at (806)291-3425 or choose to give online.


Biological Sciences:

Dr. J. Hoyt and Joanne BowersDr. J. Hoyt and Joanne Bowers Endowed Scholarship

Dr. J. Hoyt & Joanne Bowers have given over forty-five (45) years of service to Wayland Baptist University in the School of Mathematics & Sciences.  Their life’s mission has been to teach students science with a Christian influence showing how exciting learning about what God created can be. They believe and have practiced the principle that Wayland is and should always be about students. For more information please click here.


Medical Biology :

Dr. J.H. Wayland Endowed Scholarship

Dr. J.H. Wayland, physician and founder of Wayland Baptist University, was born in Missouri on April 22, 1863. After practicing medicine in Parker and Hunt counties, he moved to Plainview in April of 1891. This scholarship was founded in loving memory of J.H. Wayland by his granddaughter, Beulah W. McInnish. This scholarship shall be awarded to students preparing for a career in the field of medicine.



L.C. Wayland Endowed Scholarship Fund

On June 10, 1976, Dr. L.C. Newton Wayland of Santa Barbara, California, presented a check for $2,000 to Wayland Baptist College as a gift in trust from which he is to receive an annuity payment equal to the income from the investment of this particular fund by Wayland Baptist College. The balance of the income from the sum total of gifts from family and friends shall be awarded as endowed scholarships with preference to students in the general field of medicine.



Sarah Elizabeth Wayland Housley Medical, Math and Science Scholarship

Wayland Baptist University was very much a part of Sarah's life. Her hope of establishing a scholarship at Wayland did not materialize until after her death in 1984. At that time, the Dr. and Mrs. J.H. Wayland Memorial Endowed Scholarship, in memory of their daughter Sarah Elizabeth, was established by her children, Betty Sue Boone and Jep Housley. Established in memory of the Wayland family in order to aid deserving students, this scholarship commemorates Sarah Elizabeth Wayland Housley's spiritual vitality and joy for life. In 1996, this scholarship was renamed the Sarah Elizabeth Wayland Housley Medical, Math and Science Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund.



Joanne Bowers Endowed Scholarship for chemical education

During a career that has spanned over 50 years, Mrs. Joanne Bowers has been involved Joanne Bowersin chemical education in several capacities. She taught high school chemistry for 40 years, with 37 of those in the Plainview Independent School District. With her associate’s degree from Paris Junior College, bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Sam Houston State University, and her master’s degree in Multidisciplinary Sciences from Wayland Baptist University, Mrs. Bowers brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom. To read more about this amazing woman and the scholarship offered in her name please click here.


Harold and Audrey Temple Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Harold and Audrey TemplsDr. Temple taught every chemistry course in the curriculum in his tenure at Wayland, and over 50% of his students went on to attain post-graduate or professional degrees. 

Mrs. Audrey Temple taught for 18 years at Edgemere Elementary in Plainview, Texas.  Mrs. Temple always remained involved in the lives of Wayland students.  Together Dr. and Mrs. Temple served Wayland students on and off campus.  To read more about the Temple's and the scholarship in their name please click here.



Geology Scholarship

The Geology Scholarship is a new scholarship and has not reached the endowment level yet. All contributions toward the scholarship are appreciated. Eligible Recipients Must: Be full-time students attending Wayland Baptist University who declare a major in Geology, Students must meet the academic and disciplinary standards as stipulated by the current University catalog and make good progress towards completing the geology degree.


Phyllis Allred Joslin Scholarship Fund

On November 16, 1993, Mr. Cecil Joslin established the Phyllis Allred Joslin Scholarship Fund at Wayland Baptist University. The scholarship is to be awarded to a student who completes the equivalent of a minor in the earth sciences. The funds made available by Mr. Joslin initiate an endowment fund which is hoped will increase over the years as friends of Phyllis contribute to a memorial to this great lady and dedicated charter member of the Hi-Plains Gem and Mineral Society.


Eldon A. Milstead Memorial Endowed Scholarship for geology

Eldon’s family established this scholarship for the students involved in geology, hoping Eldon Milsteadthat they would find joy in God’s creations as did Eldon. Through the years Eldon developed a special relationship with the Wayland Baptist University Earth Science Department. He gave of his resources to provide lapidary equipment to enable the students to develop hands on skills. Many of the specimens from Eldon Milstead’s private collection are currently on loan to the Wayland geology program. For more information please click here.




Dr. Dorothy McCoy Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Dorothy McCoy served as Chairman of the division of Mathematics and Sciences for most of her 26 years at Wayland Baptist University. Upon her retirement in 1975, Dr. McCoy was honored as the Distinguished Professor Emeritus by the Board of Trustees at Wayland. Dr. McCoy had a great love for Wayland students and chose to designate funds from her estate to endow scholarships for students majoring in mathematics at Wayland Baptist University. Her scholarship became endowed in 2004. To read more about Dr. McCoy and her scholarship click here.


Dr. James Mosher Endowed Scholarship

In December of 1990, David G. and Janis Sanders established the Dr. James Mosher Endowed Scholarship honoring Dr. Mosher who taught math at Wayland Baptist University from 1971- 1984. He passed away in 1989. David Sanders was a student of Dr. Mosher. Dr. Mosher had been head of the math and computer department of Wayland since going to ETBU in 1984. He taught at Texas A&M for three years before coming to Wayland. For more information please click here.


John D. & Phyllis Sanders Mathematics Endowed Scholarship

The Sanders Scholarship was created by John Theodore (Ted), Thomas Jay (Tom), David Gene Sanders and spouses in honor of their parents John D. and Phyllis Sanders. Thanks to them, each of their 3 sons graduated from Wayland Baptist University with degrees in mathematics.  Through this scholarship in their memory, their children wish to help others do the same. Read more...

The scholarship reached endowment in 1996 and is to be given to outstanding math students.



Hearst Foundation Science and Mathematics Scholarship

The Hearst Foundation was established in April of 1989 of a grant of $20,000 to use to endow scholarships in the Division of Mathematics and Sciences. The interest derived from the endowment is to be given to students majoring in the sciences. For more information please click here.


The Ralph R. McClung Memorial Scholarship Fund

This fund was established by a gift from President Roy McClung and other friends on June 14, 1976 following the death of Dr. McClung's brother, Ralph R. McClung, of Los Angeles, California. This memorial fund is designed to perpetuate the memory of a man whose love for life, for truth, and for personal relationships made him a noble example for American youth. The recipient of the fund shall be a student or students interested in and having shown possibilities for achievement in the field of science.


Harold Reese Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Harold ReeseDr. W. Harold Reese, professor of biological and earth sciences, came to Wayland in 1966 after completing the doctor of philosophy degree at Oregon State University. He attended Wayland Baptist College from 1944-45 and 1946-47 before completing the Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees at Texas Tech in 1952 and 1961, respectively. Born in Stonewall County, Reese graduated from Plainview High School in 1944. To find more information about the Reese scholarship please click here.


Joe C. and Jennie E. Richardson Scholarship Fund

During the administration of Dr. A. Hope Owen a contribution was made to Wayland College by Joe C. Richardson, Jr. of Lubbock, TX, to establish an endowed fund memorializing his mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Joe C. Richardson of Quanah, TX. Contributions have been made periodically since that time. The scholarship find is to be a permanent endowment fund, the income from which will be distributed each year as a scholarship or scholarships. The recipients of the fund from year to year shall be those majoring in the field of science which is the field in which J. C. Richardson, Jr. has dedicated his life.


Vaughn and Johnene Ross Endowed ScholarshipDr. Vaughn and Johnene Ross

In honor of their many years of service in Christian missions and Christian education, the friends, family, and former students of Vaughn and Johnene Ross establish the Vaughn and Johnene Ross Endowed Scholarship for Christian Missions. To read more about the Ross Scholarship please click here.