geology programs

Geology MAJOR - The major requires 38 hours, of which a minimum of 21 hours are upper level. **GEOL 4301-Field Methods in Geology AND GEOL 4302 Field Geology requirements may be met by a 6 hour field experience at another approved University's field camp. School approval required. MATH 1306 Elementary Statistics, MSCI 2311 and science majors. MATH 1306 and MSCI 2311 can each be used to fulfill three hours of general education requirements in math and computer literacy, respectively.

GEOL 1401- Physical Geology

GEOL 1402- Historical Geology

GEOL 2401- Mineralogy

GEOL 3401- Petrology

GEOL 3403- Structural Geology

**GEOL 4301- Field Methods in Geology

**GEOL 4302- Field Geology

4 hours from:

GEOL 4403 - Sedimentation and Stratigraphy

GEOL 4405- Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology

8 hours of upper level Geology electives. (May include online courses.)

Additional requirements include:

*MATH 1306 - Elementary Statistics

MATH 2306- Calculus I

CHEM 1401- General Chemistry I

"MSCI 2311 - Scientific Computing

*MSCI 3101 - Faith and Science

4 hours from:

PHYS 1401- General Physics I

PHYS 2401- University Physics I

Note: Students considering graduate school should also take Research/Thesis hours and additional math, chemistry, and physics courses.

MSCI 4X03- Undergraduate Research (variable hours available)

MSCI 4360 - Thesis and Presentation

MATH 2307- Calculus II

CHEM 1402 - General Chemistry II

PHYS 1402 - General Physics II or PHYS 2402 - University Physics II

Geology MINOR - The minor requires 20 hours, of which 12 must be 3000 level or above. (GEOL 2401 Mineralogy may be counted as 4 of the 12 hours of 3000 level) *Math 1306 Elementary Statistics is a requirement for all math and science minors. It may be used to fulfill the additional requirement in the general education core of the BS degree.

GEOL 1401- Physical Geology

GEOL 1402- Historical Geology

12 hours of 3000 level or above in GEOL

Additional requirements:

*MATH 1306 - Elementary Statistics

*MSCI 3101 - Faith and Science

Geology Course Descriptions--Catalogue descriptions of all Geology courses available at WBU.

Each student should refer to his/her catalogue for actual requirements.