Jessica Faucett

Dr Jessica Faucett
Assistant Professor - Mathematics

1900 West 7th  Street - CMB 1301

Plainview, Texas 79072

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Office: MSB 124

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Dr. Jessica Faucett is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics. She received her B.S. from Wayland Baptist University and M.S. from New Mexico State University both in mathematics. She is currently working towards a Ph.D. from Texas Tech University. She has done research on statistical aspects of genetics and complex analysis and currently finds interest in analysis and abstract algebra. She began teaching at Wayland in the Fall of 2008. She teaches courses in algebra, trigonometry, calculus, linear algebra, and primary mathematics education

Friday, Oct. 3rd, Mrs. Faucett was asked to speak by Dr. Arne Ledet at Texas Tech University on her dissertation. Mrs. Faucett is expected to be receiving her doctorate in December of 2014.

Abstract:  A minimal free resolution of a quotient ring induces a graded-commutative algebra structure in Tor. This structure is unique up to isomorphism and gives us a way to classify local rings of embedding dimension 3. In some of these classes very few examples have been observed. One such class is called B, named for Brown's rings, which were the only known rings in that class until recently.  Here, we construct rings from regular sequences, the resulting rings are contained in the class B.







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