dr. randy craig

Dr. Randy Craig
Adjunct Professor - Biology


1900 West 7th Street
Plainview, Texas 79072


E-mail: randolph.craig@wayland.wbu.edu


Dr. Craig entered our Biology faculty ranks in the Fall of 2007.  In 1992, he earned a B.S. in Veterinary Science from Mississippi State University and in 1993 he received a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Mississippi State University.  Dr. Craig studied at Texas Tech University as a Microbiology major prior to entering professional school.  Dr. Craig has owned and operated a private clinical veterinary practice until 2004 when he returned to West Texas and continues as a Contract Veterinary Surgeon for numerous veterinary hospitals in the area.  He serves as a health professions counselor with the advising of students who are pursuing a pre-professional curriculum in medical, veterinary, nursing or other allied health programs.  Teaching responsibilities include General Biology and Genetics, along with Anatomy and Physiology.  Dr. Craig encourages and incorporates clinical experience into classroom activities.