Web resources


Wayland Resources.  Online resources provided by the Wayland Baptist University Department of Chemistry.

http://pubs.acs.org/search/advanced  An extraordinary resource containing ALL of the journals published by the American Chemical Society.  (articles on demand for Wayland IP only)

The Wayland Library Homepage

www.webelements.com  A virtual periodic table.

www.chemfinder.com A great source for chemical structure and properties.

http://www.jce.divched.org/ The Journal of Chemical Education (Wayland IP only)

www.acs.org The homepage for the American Chemical Society

http://nobelprizes.com/nobel/chemistry/chemistry.html A listing of all the Nobel laureates in Chemistry

http://www.astro.wisc.edu/~dolan/constants/calc.html An online scientific calculator with built-in constants

http://www.chemjobs.net/ Online listing of jobs in chemistry worldwide.

http://science.widener.edu/svb/tutorial/naming.html Online practice with naming compounds given the chemical formula.

http://science.widener.edu/svb/tutorial/namestoformulas.html Determining the chemical formula from the compound name.

The CODATA Recommended Values of Fundamental Physical Constants
NIST Webbook - National Institute of Standards and Technology site with IR spectra, mass spectra, heats of reaction, ionization energies, etc.
 WebElements - clickable Periodic Table

DuPont MSDS Central 
MSDS Sheets: Kansas State
MSDS Sheets: Oxford 
MSDS Sheets Online



There are many, many more useful links for chemists online. Find some for yourself!!