Chemistry Student



"From knowledge of his work, we shall know Him"

                                                                   -- Robert Boyle     

Mission Statement:

Consistent with the Mission of the School of Math and Science, we see the pursuit of science as an opportunity to systematically investigate the wonders of creation.  With chemistry we are able to study the very finest brushstrokes of God's masterpiece, and we find that process truly rewarding.


Thank you for visiting the website for the Chemistry Department at Wayland Baptist University. Our program, housed in the Moody Science Building, is designed to meet the needs of students who wish to continue study in chemistry at the graduate level, work in the chemical industry, teach science at the secondary school level, or prepare to enter one of the health science professions or allied health fields.

Our laboratory space includes a separate lab for general, analytical, organic, and physical / instrumental laboratories. Our growing list of modern chemical instruments includes: PerkinElmer Atomic Absorption/Emission spectrometer, PerkinElmer PC-controlled FTIR, PerkinElmer PC-controlled gas chromatograph with both capillary and packed column capability, ThermoSpectronic PC controlled UV-Vis spectrometer, a PC-controlled Shimadzu LC20AT HPLC with SPD-S20A photodiode array detector, and a StellarNet fiber optic UV-Vis capable of transmission, reflectance and spectral radiometry.  Our graduates are thoroughly trained on these instruments and are readily able to enter the professional chemistry community where these types of instruments are now everyday tools.

Our graduates, most of whom proceed to attain postgraduate degrees, can be found teaching and working at universities and companies all over the country. Click here for a partial list of our most recent chemistry graduates and what they are doing.


Undergraduate research is strongly encouraged for all of our chemistry students.  Three routes exist for this experience.  The School of Math and Science has developed a research program where a student can complete a research project with a faculty mentor and write and defend a thesis at the completion of the program.  The Welch Foundation has awarded the Chemistry Department a 3-year grant to fund undergraduate research, primarily during the summers.  Another option is involvement with the Wayland Honors Program which includes completion of a research project with preparation and defense of a written thesis.  The third research option is participation in National Science Foundation funded summer undergraduate research at large research-based institutions around the country.  Regardless of how the research experience is gained, it is an invaluable one in preparation for a career in chemistry or graduate school.  For more information on the research projects available within the Chemistry Department at Wayland, please contact one of our faculty, or go directly to the research page for each professor:  Dr. Gary Gray, Dr. Adam Reinhart, Dr. Robert Moore.


Degree Programs

Both a major and a minor are available in chemistry. The degree requirements for the major and the minor are listed here.