Biology Student


Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.
- Albert Einstein


Mission Statement:

“God made it – we study it”  is a guiding principle of the Biology department.  Our courses reflect this philosophy. 



Thank you for visiting the website for the Biology Department at Wayland Baptist University. Our program, housed in the Moody Science Building, is designed to meet the needs of students who wish to continue graduate studies or enter careers in Biology or Molecular Biology, teach science, or prepare to enter one of the health science professions or allied health fields. Many of our students also choose to pursue short and long term missionary opportunities in health or environmentally-related projects. Our graduates are consistently successful in all of these areas.  To get an idea of where our graduates have gone recently, view the recent alumni list.

Health Careers at Wayland

Many students in the biology and molecular biology program at Wayland are interested in health care related fields.  Click here to learn more about the pre-health programs at Wayland.


Undergraduate research is strongly encouraged for all of our biology students.  Three routes exist for this experience.  The School of Math and Science has developed a research program where a student can complete a research project with a faculty mentor and write and defend a thesis at the completion of the program.  Some of our students participate in undergraduate research funded through a grant from the Welch Foundation awarded to the Chemistry Department.  Another option is involvement with the Wayland Honors Program which includes completion of a research project with preparation and defense of a written thesis.  The third research option is participation in National Science Foundation or National Institute of Health funded summer undergraduate research at large research-based institutions around the country.  Regardless of how the research experience is gained, it is an invaluable one in preparation for a career in biology or graduate school.  For more information on the research projects available within the Biology Department at Wayland, please contact one of our faculty.


Degree Programs:

Both a major and a minor are available in biology and a major is also available in molecular biology.  Pre-professional programs are also available in health care career fields.  The requirements for all of the biology programs are listed here.