The 2012-2013 Welch Departmental Grant was used to fund the undergraduate research projects and stipend support for six students during 2012-2013 academic year. Two students worked under the direction of Dr. Gary Gray, two students worked under the direction of Dr. Adam Reinhart, and two students worked under the direction of Dr. Robert Moore. Students were investigating the identification, purification and characterization of potential breast cancer chemotherapy agents from natural plants (Gray), the characterization of the biochemical processes by which each identified agent induced breast cancer cell death (Reinhart) and the development of a cost-effective photo imaging system to be used in the investigation of mutation-prone sites of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis genome that lead to drug resistance (Moore).


The Welch Departmental Grant continues to promote long-lasting and positive influences upon the chemistry program at Wayland Baptist University. The benefits to the university as a whole have been tremendous and far-reaching. The students involved in Welch-funded research in chemistry at Wayland have had multiple opportunities to present posters and oral presentations of their work at various local and regional meetings this past year. Welch-funded research in chemistry has shaped and focused the interest of our undergraduates in pursuing graduate degrees in chemistry, and several recent program participants are in or have recently completed Ph.D. programs in chemistry (Rice, Texas A&M, Iowa State and Baylor Universities). The research and presentation experiences garnered through the Welch-funded research at Wayland continue to be invaluable preparation for our graduates, helping to insure their success in post-graduate research and graduate programs.  The university continued to support our undergraduate research programs during 2012-2013 with undergraduate research tuition credit and additional research supplies funding. The university also provided very significant funding for these students to travel for conference presentations. Due in large part to the success of our Welch-funded research efforts, in April 2013, we held our fourth annual School of Math and Science Research Day. Many of the Research Day presentations were from the Department of Chemistry, including the outstanding poster award winner (Welch-funded researcher Libby Saultz). A culture of undergraduate research continues to grow and to blossom on campus, due in no small part to the Welch foundation support of our chemistry program. The impacts of the Welch Departmental Research Grant have been significant throughout all our science programs in addition to the direct importance the of grant support to our chemistry program and its students.