Dr. Gary Gray

Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Robert Moore

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Adam Reinhart

Professor of Chemistry and Biology


The Welch Departmental Grant continues to shape and positively influence the chemistry program at Wayland Baptist University in long-lasting ways. The benefits to the university as a whole continue to be evident, catalyzing on-going interests in research across multiple disciplines. Students involved in our Welch-funded research again had multiple opportunities to present posters and oral presentations of their work at local, regional and national meetings. Welch-funded research in chemistry continues to shape and direct the interests of our students, leading them to pursue graduate degrees in or related to chemistry. Recent program participants are in or have recently completed Ph.D. chemistry programs (Texas A&M, Auburn). Others are currently enrolled in medical school (Texas Tech), pharmacy school and biomedical graduate programs. Research and public presentation experiences garnered through the Welch-funded research continue to be invaluable preparation for our students, helping to insure their success in post-graduate programs. The university continued to support our undergraduate research programs during 2014-2015 with undergraduate research tuition credit, additional research supplies funding, and significant funding for students to travel to conference presentations. In April 24, 2015, we held our 6th annual School of Math and Science Research Day with many of the presentations from the Department of Chemistry, including the outstanding oral presentation award winner (Welch-funded researcher Sarah Kelly). An institutional culture that identifies undergraduate research as a core program distinctive continues to grow and blossom, due in no small part to the Welch foundation’s support.