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Academic Achievement
ACAC 0320 Study Skills
ACAC 0330 Writing I
ACAC 0331 Writing II
American Sign Language


CHIN 1401 Beginning Chinese I
CHIN 1402 Beginning Chinese II
CHIN 2301 Intermediate Chinese I
CHIN 2302 Intermediate Chinese II
CHIN 3300 Conversation and Composition
CHIN 3305 Introduction to Chinese Literature
CHIN 3316 Topics in Chinese
Literature and English

ENGL 1301 Composition and Rhetoric

ENGL 1302 Composition and Reading

ENGL 2301 English Literature
ENGL 2302 American Literature
ENGL 2303 World Literature
ENGL 2304 African Literature (Kenya Campus only)
ENGL 3300 19th Century American Literature
ENGL 3301 Early American Literature
ENGL 3302 20th Century American Literature
 ENGL 3303 Studies in English
ENGL 3304 Advanced Grammar
ENGL 3307 Creative Writing
ENGL 3310 19th Century British Literature
ENGL 3311 20th Century British Literature
ENGL 3312 Studies in the Fantastic
ENGL 3313 Film and Literature
ENGL 3315 Young Adult Literature
ENGL 3320 Foundations of Technical Communication
ENGL 3321 History of English Language
ENGL 3330 Introduction to Film
ENGL 4101 English Major Capstone Course
ENGL 4301 British Renaissance and Early 17th Century Literature
ENGL 4302 Restoration and 18th Century British Literature
ENGL 4303 Shakespeare
ENGL 4304 Early Medieval Literature
ENGL 4305 Late Medieval Literature
ENGL 4306 Introduction to Linguistics
ENGL 4308 Colonial and Postcolonial Literature
ENGL 4310 Major Authors
ENGL 4311 Introduction to Literary Theory
ENGL 4314 Usage and Style
ENGL 4330 Studies in Film
ENGL 4345 Teaching English as a Second Language
ENGL 4379 Experiential Course
ENGL 5102 Comprehensive Exam
ENGL 5301 Seventeenth-Century Prose and Poetry
ENGL 5302 Eighteenth-Century Prose and Poetry
ENGL 5303 Shakespeare
ENGL 5304 Studies in British Literature
ENGL 5305 The Middle Ages
ENGL 5306 Sociolinguistics and Discourse
ENGL 5307 Literary Theory
ENGL 5308 Literary Research Methods
ENGL 5309 Young Adult Literature

ENGL 5310 Early American Literature

ENGL 5311 American Romanticism and Realism
ENGL 5312 Modern American Literature
ENGL 5313 Studies in American Literature
ENGL 5314 Usage and Style
ENGL 5315 Advanced Creative Writing
ENGL 5316 Special Topics in Literature
ENGL 5317 Studies in Poetry
ENGL 5318 Structures of Language
ENGL 5345 Teaching English as a Second Language
ENGL 5346 Teaching College Composition
ENGL 5360 Thesis I (First Term)
ENGL 5361 Thesis II (second term)
FREN 1401 Beginning French I
FREN 1402 Beginning French II
FREN 2301 Intermediate French I
FREN 2302 Intermediate French II
GERM 1401 Beginning German I
GERM 1402 Beginning German II
GERM 2301 Intermediate German I
GERM 2302 Intermediate German II
GERM 3300 Adv Grammar Comp & Teaching Tech
GERM 3301 The German Novelle
GERM 3302 German Drama
GERM 3304 Survey of German Literature
Japanese (Hawaii Campus Only)
JAPN 1301 Beginning Japanese I
JAPN 1302 Beginning Japanese II
LATN 1401 Beginning Latin I
LATN 1402 Beginning Latin II
LATN 2301 Intermediate Latin I
LATN 2302 Intermediate Latin II
LATN 3301 Latin Prose
LATN 3302 Latin Poetry
Research Writing
RSWR 3345 Research Writing Methods
 SPAN 1301 Beginning Spanish I   external & online campuses
SPAN 1302 Beginning Spanish II   external & online campuses
SPAN 1303 Beginning Spanish for Law Enforcement
SPAN 1401 Beginning Spanish I
SPAN 1402 Beginning Spanish II
SPAN 2301 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 2302 Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 3300 The Bible in Spanish
SPAN 3304 Spanish Culture and Civilization
SPAN 3305 Spanish Conversation
SPAN 3312 Intro Spanish & Latin-Amer
SPAN 3313 Spanish-American Culture and Civilization
SPAN 3315 Spanish for Law Enforcement
SPAN 3316 Special Topics in Spanish
SPAN 3322 Advanced Grammar and Composition I
SPAN 3323 Advanced Grammar and Composition II
SPAN 4101 Spanish Major Capstone Course
SPAN 4302 Literature of Spain
SPAN 4305 Spanish-American Literature
SPAN 4306 Methods of Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language
SPAN 4307 Latin American Essays