Look Right Here!  Master of Arts in English here at Wayland!  

To prepare for graduate schools other than Wayland, read further.

Consider the fact that it takes about eight years to complete an M.A. and Ph.D. in English.  Once you’re finished, if you’re lucky enough to find a job, your salary will likely start somewhere in the $40,000s.

If you’re not turned off by this stellar advertisement, read on . . .

Suggested Graduate School Application Checklist and Timeline:

  1. Complete the General GRE, and if necessary, the Subject/Literature GRE before October 15.  These tests are often, but not always, necessary for admission to Graduate School in English.  Check with your schools of choice to see what is required.  (See GRE for more information on the actual tests: .)
  1. Consider and select your top 3-5 schools by November 1.  This website helps you locate programs by type and location. Searchable on even more levels is this graduate-schools site.   We also list a number of local or southwestern schools with graduate programs in English below.
  1. Ask at least three professors if they are willing to write letters of recommendation.  Do this well in advance of the due date of the letters of recommendation.
  1. Select your best piece of writing and then improve it in order to present it as a writing sample; do this before December 15
  1. Prepare a statement of purpose by December 15.  Such a statement will likely be about two pages in length and will explain why you wish to attend graduate school, what areas of English or literature you wish to study, what special skills you may have in the areas of language or writing, etc.
  1. Determine the university transcript request process before December 15.  (Some WBU transcript information is provided here on the WBU registrar's site.)
  1. Complete all Graduate School application forms and requirements before December 15 or applicable deadline.  Submit them in a timely manner.
  1. Enjoy the Christmas holidays with family and friends!


Still not sure Graduate School in English is right for you? 

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