THEA 1101 Theatre Activities: Sceneries and Properties - Opportunity to participate in
activities utilizing scenery and properties.

THEA 1102 Theatre Activities: Lighting and Sound - Opportunity to participate in activities
utilizing lighting and sound.

THEA1103 Theatre Activities: Costume and Makeup - Opportunity to participate in activities
utilizing costume and makeup.

THEA 1303 Introduction to Theatre - A survey of the theatre including history, aesthetics,
production, literary movements, criticism, and theatrical styles and forms. Viewing live productions and films is required.

THEA 2101 Rehearsal and Production: Acting - Study of acting in one university theatre

THEA 2102 Rehearsal and Production: Directing - A study of directing in one university
theatre production.

THEA 2103 Rehearsal and Production: Stage Management - A study of stage management in one university theatre production.

THEA 2307 Acting I - Basic approaches to acting, including improvisation, movement,
approach to character, and ensemble developments. It is designed to achieve an awareness of and control over the actor's instrument.

THEA 3300 Stage Makeup - A study of stage makeup equipment and application techniques, including special problem requirements.

THEA 3302 Scene Design - Artistic and practical consideration in designing stage scenery, as well as the drafting of plans and model construction.

THEA 3303 Stage Lighting - A study of the artistic and practical considerations in the design and execution of stage lighting.

THEA 3307 Acting II - Studies in acting with emphasis on character analysis and development, special and personal performance problems; extensive scene work.

THEA 3308. Film and Theatre - Methods used in the interpretation of film and theatre as
related art forms. Introduction into professional career opportunities where disciplines connect. Working with professionals in the field, viewing plays, films adapted from play and other films. Fee: $50.

THEA 4305 Fundamentals of Play Directing - A study of all aspects of play direction, from
script analysis and coordination of production elements through performance. Prerequisites: THEA 1303 and 2307.

THEA 4306 Theatre History I - Theatre history from the Greeks to the 18th century with
emphasis on major periods and influences on the contemporary theatre philosophy and style. Prerequisite: THEA 1303.

THEA 4307 Theatre History II - Theatre history from the 18th century to the present day
with emphasis on major periods and movements and the ensuing philosophies and styles. Prerequisite: THEA 1303.

THEA 4361 Practicum in Theatre - Practical application of theatre techniques in production
and presentation of a play or musical in various theatrical environments. Opportunities for confronting and dealing with problems in a professional or educational theatre situation.