The Nerd

            Directed by Marti Runnels

             Scenic/Lighting Design by Chris Moore



  • Tim Fisher as Willum Cubbert
  • Thomas Hoffman as Axel Hammond
  • Teresa Moore as Tansy McGinnis
  • Grant Jasper as Rick Steadman
  • Billy Boone as Warnock Waldgrave
  • Rita Pitts as Clelia Waldgrave
  • Payton Thornton as Thor Waldgrave







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  • Stage Manager: Mary Feril
  • Light Operator: Catherine Donald
  • Sound Operator: Jennifer Rutherford
  • Publicity: Luis Lujan and Teresa Young
  • Properties: Justin Dabbs, Milea Huckeby, Teresa Moore
  • Makeup: Raquette Stewart
  • Costumes: Hannah Stewart, Teresa Moore Rita Pitts



   "That wasn't my intention..."


Rick makes an appearance.



                               "And the rockets red glare!"


         "I added a chimney. "



                                          "You see this? "