The Spitfire Grill

Directed by Marti Runnels

Musical Direction by Jeff Kensmoe

Scenic/Lighting Design by Chris Moore



  • Rachel Morgan as Percy Talbott
  • Hannah Stewart as Effy Krayneck
  • Jeremy Walker as Caleb Thorpe
  • Tim Fisher as The Visitor
  • Chris Smith as Sheriff Joe Shutter
  • Alicia Alford as Shelby Thorpe
  • Rebeccah Ballinger as Hannah Ferguson



Sarah Bolyard, Stephanie Ciszek, Conner Davis, Khrystyne Eckerd, Jessie Else, Thomas Hoffman, Rachel Morrison


  • Keyboard: Sarah Herrington
  • Accordian: Robert Black
  • Guitar: Corey Jones
  • Cello: Adolph Salinas
  • Violin: Jennifer Morgan








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  • Stage Manager: Grant Jasper
  • Light Operator: Bobby Hon
  • Sound Operator: Mary Feril
  • Properties: Tim Fisher and Dean Kellum
  • Makeup: Sarah Kron
  • Costumes: Khrystyne Eckerd and DeDe Runnels
  • House Manager: Jennifer Phillips
  • Camera Operator: Thomas Hoffman
  • Choreographer: Natalie Collins
  • Music Director: Jeff Kensmoe
  • Rehearsal Accompanist : Sarah Herrington


                              "The Colors Of Paradise Come"        "Percy and Eli"
                           "Percy Girl" "Shoot the Moon"
               "Here's to the Grill "                  "Late in the Day"                Cast and Crew