Directed by Roland Myers and Tisa Whitfill

           Scenic/Lighting Design by Chris Moore



  • Chris Stegall as Leon

  • Jennifer Riley as Sophia

  • Tim Fisher as Doctor

  • Desi Pharis as Lenya

  • Amber Sutton as Snetskaya

  • Doug Warren as Slovitch

  • Milea Simpson as Mishkina

  • Mary Feril as Yenchna

  • Billy Boone as Magistrate

  • Brandon Campanella as Gregor

  • Jackson Reed Riley as Baby






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  • Assistant Director:
    Jennifer Rutherford

  • Stage Manager:
    Lisa Angel

  • Set Designer:
    Chris Moore

  • Props:
    Billy Boone
    Alma Caballero

  • Costume Designer:
    Roland Myers

  • Costume Crew:
    Tisa Whitfill
    Jenni Combs
    Leslee Matthews
    Chris Stegall
    Kelley Dunn
    Jennifer Riley

  • Make-Up:
    Kelley Dunn
    Jennifer Ward
    Amber Sutton

  • Sound:
    Brandon McMillan
    Mary Feril

  • Lights:
    Kelley Dunn
    Milea Simpson

  • Publicity:
    Jennifer Riley


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       "I Love You, Lenya"





Cast and Crew