The Elephant Man

Directed by Marti Runnels

Scenic/Lighting Design by Jay Sawyer



  • Cory Norman as John Merrick
  • Chris Moore as Frederick Treves/ Belgian policeman
  • Teresa Moore as Mrs. Kendall
  • Justice Forburger as Ross/Bishop How
  • David Howle as Carr Gomm/boat conductor
  • Billy Boone as Lord John/pinheads' manager/ Will/British policeman
  • Lori Stanley as Princess Alexandra/pinhead
  • Lisa Whitfill as Duchess/pinhead
  • Angela Zanon as Countess/pinhead
  • April Langehenning as Miss Sandwich
  • Jerrell Otwell as Snork




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  • Brandon Campanella--lights
  • Salina Elliott--sound
  • Sim Lattin--stage management
  • John Hintergardt--program art
  • Tisa Whitfill--program and poster layout
  • Julian Vasquez--poster art
  • April Langehenning--publiicty
  • Korby Calley--set crew head
  • Chris Moore--set
  • Brandon Campanella--set
  • Hannah Astling--set
  • Kimber Ashby--set
  • Jerrell Otwell--set
  • Cori Norman--costuming
  • Tisa Whitfill--properties crew head
  • Chris Moore--properties
  • Teresa Moore--properties
  • Korby Calley--properties
  • David Howle--properties
  • Billy Boone--makeup

Ross haranguing Gomm and countess

            Cast and Crew