Approaching Zanzibar

         Directed by Scott Crew

           Scenic/Lighting Design by Chris Moore



  • Billy Boone as Wallace Blossom
  • Jennifer Riley as Charlotte Blossom
  • Jeff Raines as Turner Blossom
  • Mary Feril as Pony Blossom
  • Andrew Oglesby as Randy Wands/Scotty Childs
  • Jennifer Rutherford as Palace St. John/Dr Cybil Wren
  • Tim Fisher as Fletcher St. John/AmyChilds
  • Kelley Dunn as Joy Childs/Dalia Paz
  • Milea Huckeby as Olivia Childs








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  "Forty-four bottles of beer on the wall ..."


               Fly fishing



                                   Visiting Aunt Olivia


           Cast and Crew