EDHE 5301. The Administration of Higher Education - examination of the theoretical
principles of organizational behavior, leadership and institutional culture applied to a functional examination of a diverse system of higher education.

EDHE 5302. Historical and Financial Aspects of Higher Education - identification of significant events and actions that shaped the evolution of higher education institution and analysis of the implications of these for practice and for the future of higher education.  Examination of the sources of revenues, types of expenditures, budgeting and accounting practices, tuition and financial aid policies, cost containing strategies and effects of the economy and state and federal funding on the financing of both private and public institutions.

EDHE 5303. Strategic Planning and Analytical Systems - examination of the current
models and theories used to develop strategies for organizational planning, including an analysis of internal assumptions and the external environment.

EDHE 5304. Foundations of Student Development - theoretical bases of the profession, roles and models for practice and competencies, techniques of student services. Examination of current issues in the administration of student affairs programs and activities on the college and university campus.


EDHE 5306.  Legal Aspects of Higher Education - examines legal aspects affecting institutions of higher education and their administrations, faculties and students;  decisions rendered by the federal and state courts concerning procedural and substantive due process, civil rights.


EDHE 5307. The Community College - history and development of community colleges; students and faculty of the community college; curriculum and programs; governance, administration, and finance/funding. Prerequisites: Graduate Standing.