ECHD 2301. Early Childhood Curriculum and Planning - focuses on planning and implementing a curriculum; includes activity plans, lesson plans, assessment forms, curriculum webs, room arrangements, puppet usage, and outdoor play.

ECHD 2302. Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child - health, safety, and nutritional needs of infant through school age children; emphases relationship between role of both caregivers and families in helping children establish healthy lifestyles.

ECHD 2303. Creative Actions for Young Children - theoretical framework, current brain research, and the background knowledge needed to design creative arts activities for young children;  features dramatic arts, music, dance, and visual arts;  understanding how to foster children's development by providing a safe, sensory-appealing arts program.

ECHD 3301. Principles of Caring for Preschool Children - overview of the basic principles and best practices in early childhood education;  emphasizes an appropriate learning environment with practical applications based on current research;  observing developmental levels, design appropriate activities, and supporting children via learning.

ECHD 4301. Math and Science for Young Children - integration of math and science with other important elements of development for young children;  common conceptual framework; problem solving is emphasized for constructing the basic concepts.

ECHD 4312. Partnering with Parents - guidelines for creating effective partnerships with families; diversity of modern families;  and examining elements that create successful partnerships and programs that work.

ECHD 4319. Administration of Programs for Young Children - emphasizes the director's responsibility for being a leader in both program and people maintenance; business skills;  funding; budgeting; selecting, training, and supervising staff;  facility acquisition; purchasing equipment; and evaluating the program.