MISM 3301. Information Technology Hardware - Skills and knowledge to maintain and repair personal computers. Prerequisite: COSC 2311.

MISM 3303. Information Systems Theory and Practice - Organizational systems, planning, and decision process, and how information is used for decision support in organizations. Quality and decision theory, information theory, and practice essential for providing viable information to an organization. Concepts of Information Systems for competitive advantage, data as a resource, Information Systems and Information Technology planning, re-engineering, project management and development of systems, and end-user computing
Prerequisites: COSC 2311.

MISM 3304. Information Technology Operating Systems - Installation and maintaining a client operating system installed on a personal computer. Operating systems include Windows Operating Systems and Linux. COSC 2311.

MISM 3307. Web Design - Analyzing information and applying graphic design techniques to develop effective, pleasing and useful web sites. Prerequisite: COSC 2311.

MISM 3314. Advanced Computer Applications - Effective and efficient use of integrated software suites (word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentation graphics) and creating and maintaining web pages. Information technologies applied to problem situations by the design and use of small information systems for individuals and groups. Prerequisite: COSC 2311.

MISM 3318. Electronic Commerce -   Electronic commerce technologies; Internet technology for business advantage; funds transfer; reinventing the future of business through electronic commerce; business opportunities; social, political and ethical issues associated with electronic commerce, business plans for technology adventures. Prerequisite: COSC 2311

MISM 3325. Social Computing in Business - Personal computing in an evolving mobile environment. Working with mobile computing,
Cloud services, social networks, electronic communications, and safe personal and business computing.

MISM 3327. Computer Networking
- Broad, vendor-independent, networking concepts. Prerequisite: COSC 2311.

MISM 3329. Internet and Online Technologies - Maintenance of Internet, Intranet, and Extranet infrastructure and services, and development of Web related applications. Prerequisite: COSC 2311.

MISM 4302. Wireless Information Technology - This course provides a broad survey of wireless communications; protocols, transmission methods and IEEE 802.11 standards. Prerequisite: COSC 2311.

MISM 4306. Information Systems Security - This course is designed to provide security knowledge mastery of an individual with two years on-the-job networking experience, with emphasis on security. Industry wide topics including communication security, infrastructure security, cryptography, access control, authentication, and operational security. Prerequisite: COSC 2311.

MISM 4324. Project Management - Based on best practices of project management. Universal project principles, and conflict resolution, negotiation, communication, team building, leadership and setting and managing expectations. Prerequisites: COSC 2311.

MISM 4331. Webmastering - Skill-building in how to administer multimedia and video technology to instruct users, solve problems and communicate effectively. Prerequisite: MISM 3307

MISM 4335 - Ethical Hacking - Course is designed to addresses various underlying principles and techniques for detecting and responding to current and emerging computer security threats. Prerequisite(s): MISM 3301 , MISM 3304  


MISM 4336 - Information Systems Security Management - Designed to provide security knowledge mastery of an individual with two years on-the-job security management. Industry wide topics including communication security, infrastructure security, cryptography, access control, authentication, and operational security. Prerequisite(s): MISM 3301 , MISM 3304  


MISM 4337 - Incident Response and Forensics - Analysis of data breach incidents, affected systems, preservation of hardware, software, log files, and other computer and network related information that could be needed for litigation.  Attention is given both to internal organization policies and procedures that were intended to prevent an intrusion, as well as the methods that were used to circumvent these security policies.  Prerequisite(s): MISM 3301  and MISM 3304  


MISM 4338 - Server Systems - A study of the types of servers used by organizations to provide services as well as systems that defend against intrusion and loss of information assets.  This course focuses server selection, deployment strategies, operating systems, hardening for security, and organization policies and procedures that govern how these servers are managed. Prerequisite(s): MISM 3301  and MISM 3304  

MISM 4340. Digital Graphics - Skill-building in how to use and teach desktop publishing and digital graphics to instruct, solve problems and communicate. Prerequisite: COSC 2311.

MISM 5306. Management of Information Systems - Information systems types, components, technology, and development within an organizational framework including human resource information systems (HRIS), financial information systems (FIS), accounting information systems (AIS), management information systems (MIS), and security information systems (SIS), with emphasis on business problem solving. Principles, vocabulary, and concepts; what a manager needs to know to make effective use of information technology. Prerequisite: BUAD 5300

MISM 5316. Selected Topics in Management of Information Systems - Topics not covered by other management information systems offerings, or not covered in the same depth. Prerequisite(s): Approval of the school Dean.

MISM 5329. Information Systems Project Management - Objectives and techniques of planning, organizing, and managing complex information systems development projects, including a study of resources and tools available for scheduling, tracking, and measuring system development productivity. Cases employed to integrate technical and managerial considerations. Prerequisite: MISM 5306.

MISM 5330. Webmastering - Advanced skill-building in management and administration of web sites.. A semester long project is required and must be approved by the instructor. Prerequisites: MISM 5306.

MISM 5331. Advanced Microcomputer Applications - Microcomputer utilization through advanced use of integrated software packages, graphics, desktop publishing, the Internet, multimedia, and electronic presentations. Topics also include computer-assisted instruction, computer- managed instruction, and the acquisition of hardware and software. Prerequisite: MISM 5306

MISM 5340. Visual Communication - Advanced use of electronic tools for graphic design desktop publishing and presentation. Skills are further developed while using a variety of associated hardware and software tools. Prerequisites: MISM 5306.

MISM 5341. Advanced Computer Networking and Data Management - Benefits of using computer networks, the technology associated with them, and how to design, implement, and manage them. Fundamentals of telecommunications, network topologies, network design strategies, and the implementation of networks into organizations, including a semester project allowing students to design a network application. Prerequisites: MISM 5306.