MGMT 1010. ENACTUS - development and implementation of projects to foster the principles of free enterprise while serving local businesses and the community.

MGMT 3304. Principles of Management - Concepts of management for both profit and nonprofit organizations; management functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling; and managerial skills and roles in today's environment.

MGMT 3310. Managerial Communication - Effective communication skills (verbal/non-verbal, written) as they relate to managerial role (meetings, presentations, interviews) across all levels of the organization, with appropriate use of technology. Prerequisite(s):ENGL 1301  and ENGL 1302  , or consent of school.

MGMT 3324. Human Resource Management - Impact of external and internal environment upon the functions and activities of personnel/human resource managers. Note: Credit will not be awarded for both MGMT 3324 and HLAD 3324. Prerequisite: MGMT 3304.

MGMT 3330. Small Business Management - . Formation and establishment of successful small business in the American economy. Prerequisite: MGMT 3304.

MGMT 3339. Theory and Practice of Supervision (HLAD 3339) - Study of methods of supervision with emphasis on skills and techniques used to facilitate optimum productivity in both profit and nonprofit organizations. Prerequisite: MGMT 3304.

MGMT 4303. Conflict Management and Negotiation - Theoretical foundation and practical methodology for managing conflict in organizations; emphasis on improving ability to select appropriate conflict management strategies; nature of conflict, conflict management design, and the core concepts of negotiation. Prerequisite: MGMT 3304.

MGMT 4306. Dynamics of Leadership - Leadership theories that provide real-world insight into effective organizational leadership practices. Prerequisite: MGMT 3304.

MGMT 4313. Structure and Process of Organization - Systems approach to organizations emphasizing organizational design, effectiveness, change, and development. - Prerequisite: MGMT 3304.

MGMT 4316. Selected Topics in Management - Topic that is not currently a permanent part of the catalog. Prerequisite(s): Approval of the school.

MGMT 4317. International Business Internship - Exposure to different business and cultural perspectives in a foreign domain through a travel abroad program. Prerequisite(s): Junior or Senior standing and permission of the school dean.

MGMT 4320. Organizational Behavior - Ethical dimensions of goals and values of organizations and managers with a perspective on understanding and working with people Prerequisite: MGMT 3304.

MGMT 4321. Entrepreneurship - Self-assessment and venture management, identifying and evaluating new venture opportunities, marketing research applications; operational aspects; risk management, case studies, and field experiences. Prerequisite: MGMT 3330.

MGMT 4326. International Management - Principles of international Management. . Prerequisite: MGMT 3304.

MGMT5305. Organizational Theory - Organizations as complex systems impacted by environmental forces, and structure and design dimensions required for effectiveness. Prerequisite: BUAD 5300 (For the M.P.A. MGMT 3304 only)

MGMT 5306. Leadership and Management Development - Current and historical leadership theories with emphasis on viewing the leadership function in the context of organizational behavior and design; assessment of organization change, performance, staffing, training and development, and diversity; measurement of results; ethical implications and social responsibility. Prerequisite: BUAD 5300 (For the M.P.A. MGMT 3304 only).

MGMT 5309. Strategies of Human Resource Management
- comprehensive strategic human resource management; philosophy of human resource management; behavioral science perspectives; ethical and legal environmental influences of employee and labor relations, diversity issues, and globalization challenges; performance management including metrics; information system tools, rewards, training, career management, and organizational change; analysis and design of jobs. Prerequisite: BUAD 5300 (For the M.P.A. MGMT 3304 only).

MGMT 5313. Diversity Management
- Research literature and value of "managing" diversity with a Christian response to the issues within diversity management; diversity management implications for employee and labor relations, workforce planning and development; measurement of results. Prerequisite: MGMT 5309.

MGMT 5316. Selected Topics in Management - Topic not covered by other management offerings, or not covered in the same depth. Prerequisite(s): Approval of the school.

MGMT 5318. Production and Operations Management - Operational problems in physical and human resources used in production of goods and services. Prerequisite: BUAD 5300.

MGMT 5320. Research Methods
- Tools, vocabulary, processes, and methods used in business, industry, and governmental research; measurement of results of internal and external research. Must be taken within first twelve (12) semester hours of graduate enrollment

MGMT 5325. Organizational Development and Change - a systems approach to analyzing and developing organization structure and function; organizational change; measurement of results; strategic and ethical implications of diversity and change management; impact on sustainability. Prerequisite: BUAD 5300. (For the M.P.A. MGMT 3304 only)

MGMT 5326. International Management - Role of the private business enterprise in the international economy and nature of foreign trade and direct foreign investment and their impact on income, employment, and economic growth. Prerequisite: BUAD 5300.

MGMT 5330. Negotiations in Management - Negotiations as related to management theory and practice, the negotiation process and the dynamics of conflict.

MGMT 5339. Stress Management - Stress reaction and its relationship to specific illnesses and diseases and effects on productivity with focus on intervention techniques. Prerequisite: BUAD 5300.

MGMT 5340. Fundamentals of Project Management - Comprehensive study of the concepts, procedures, and fundamental process of project management. Role of a project manager in profit and non-for-profit organizations. Skill development for problem solving, project definition, and environmental considerations. Quantitative methods and solution development.

MGMT 5341. Managing Complex Projects
- Comprehensive study of the project management process and the complexities of project management from a systems perspective. Includes the systematic approach to project planning activities, controlling and closing project integration management, project scope management, project time management, project cost management, project quality management, project communication management, project risk management, and project human resources management. Prerequisite: MGMT 5340

MGMT 5342. Power & Politics in Organizations - Examines, enhances, and expands competencies in identifying, analyzing, and engaging in the use of power and politics within an organizational setting. An examination in the influence power and politics has on managerial decision-making and organizational conflict

MGMT 5343. Compensation, Benefits, and Performance -
Administration of compensation and benefit system in public and private organizations; concepts, models, and practices; job analysis and design; performance evaluation and measurement of results; integration of training, development and planning with compensation policies. Prerequisite: MGMT 5309.

MGMT 5344. Career Development and Management
- Organizational needs and individual career needs. Development of systems for managing careers; organizational development through effective job analysis and design, performance management, rewards, training and development; measurement of results; implications of globalization and sustainability. Prerequisite: MGMT 5309.

MGMT 5345. Employee Recruitment and Selection
- Workforce planning, personnel forecasting, and the selection of qualified employees; measurement of results of staffing and performance management policies. Prerequisite: MGMT 5309.


MGMT 5350. Strategic Management for the MAM - Management decisions for creating or maintaining market position with emphasis on comprehensive organizational analysis, policy development, and critical management issues; strategic planning of resources and workforce in local, regional, and international environments; measurement of results, internal and external resource utilization. The Major Field Examination is administered. Prerequisite: Completion of ALL M.A.M core courses.