First Steps in Taking Online Courses

To enroll in an Internet course you must be a current Wayland student. Only those students that have been accepted and are enrolled in one of the 14 WBU campuses are eligible to enroll in an Internet course. To apply for admission, please fill out our Application for Admission form which can be located online at

Check on your degree plan requirements. An academic advisor at your campus can help you determine which courses are required in your degree plan. Your advisor may also be able to help you decide if an Internet course is appropriate for your style of learning. If you are starting a graduate program through the Degree Program Online, contact Amanda Stanton at

Look at the appropriate schedule to locate your intended course. There should be a link to the course syllabus or outline. The linked document will contain your instructor's contact information and instructions regarding class access. Read this document carefully. You will need to look at the instructor's required examination procedures. If exams require a proctor, you will need to secure a proctor. Students near a Wayland campus may contact the campus to arrange for proctoring. If you are not near a WBU campus, you will need to fill out a proctor request form each term. If it will be impossible for you to arrange for a proctor, do not register for the course.

Sign up for the course either through your academic advisor or using Student Services. It is a wise practice to email your instructor by the first day of your class and inform him or her that you are enrolled in the class. Be sure to indicate the campus with which you are associated and where you are physically located.

Learn the process of accessing the course content for your class. This guide will help you get started. If you have any questions about accessing the course materials, submitting homework, taking tests, or other issues specific to online courses, start by reading through the syllabus again, then contact your teacher. If you still cannot find answers, contact the office of the Virtual Campus (806-291-3740 or