1. Students are responsible for securing the services of a suitable proctor according to the requirements listed below.

2. Wayland Staff, Faculty, and Directors are already approved as proctors. Please contact them directly ASAP to request that they be your proctor and to ensure they are able to serve as your proctor. Call at least 1 week in advance to schedule your testing time with your proctor.

3. Once a proctor is approved, he or she may continue administering tests throughout the semester without re-approval.

4. You must submit your completed form one week prior to the first test date. The proctor must be approved before examination information can be sent. Tests are not sent to proctors, instead they will receive a user name and password to access our proctor site on Blackboard.

5. The criteria established for proctor approval are:

a. knowledge of and experience in the administration of examinations
b. current employment on a full-time basis with professional reputation that would be severely tarnished if improprieties were discovered

6. Based on the above, acceptable proctors are:

a. Wayland Staff, Faculty, and Directors (no form needed)
b. librarians holding the Master of Library Sciences distinction
c. authorized employees at U.S. Military Education centers
d. authorized employees at university/college testing facilities
e. faculty member of a university or college

7. Exceptions to the above will not be favorably considered. In no case will relatives, neighbors, or other students be approved. Persons who are employed by the same company/organization as the student will also not be approved.

8. Please make sure that your proctor is able to administer tests online, using a computer with reliable access to the internet. If he/she is not, you will need to find another proctor unless your instructor has provided a paper version of the test.

9. Once your proctor form has been received, you will receive a confirmation sent to the email address listed on your form. If you have not received a confirmation within two days of submitting your proctor form, please check to make sure we received it.